Inagi Chuo Park (Inagi Central Park) in Inagi City, Tokyo, is located in the center of the City, and covers a vast area of about 200,000 m2.

It is known as a well-equipped sports facility for the community and is mainly used for a general gymnasium, a general ground, and a baseball field.

The general gymnasium and the general ground are the most widely used sports park in Inagi City, as they host the Inagi City Sports Festival, which can be said to be the city’s largest sports festival.

In addition to the sports facilities, the “Whale Bridge” that hangs over the park has a landmark presence. The bridge has a boat-bottom shape, which is rare in the world, as all the cross-sections of the bridge are different from each other.

Inagi Chuo Park
Inagi Chuo Park’s Whale Bridge

It is also a popular walking and strolling course for local residents, with a walking path through a natural forest that makes the most of the Musashino nature, and a pond where rare black turtles are kept.

In addition, a new playground with a roller slide and other playground equipment was built in 2012, making the park more enjoyable for parents and children.

There are more than 300 parking spaces in total, making the park a convenient place to exercise and enjoy nature walks.

Inagi Chuo Park
Inagi Chuo Park

Inagi Chuo Park Information

Park NameInagi Chuo Park
(Inagi Chukou Kouen)
Park Address1-1 Nagamine, Inagi City, Tokyo
Playground equipmentCombination playground equipment, spring playground equipment, slides
Facilities and equipmentBaseball field, jogging course, water playground

Where Is Inagi Chuo Park?

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