The wonderful Tamagawadai Park is located in Ota Ward, Tokyo, on the hillside along the Tama River, extending about 750 meters.

The plateau where the park is located is on the southern edge of the Musashino Plateau, and the view toward the Tama River from the observatory is magnificent, and is one of the eight most scenic views of the Tama River.

Tamagawadai Park

Within the vast area of the park are the Kikkozan and Horaizan burial mounds and other Tama River burial mounds, so it is recommended that visitors take a walk while feeling the history.

Tamagawadai Park

In addition, approximately 300 cherry trees are planted here, providing a wonderful view during the cherry blossom viewing season.

In addition, there are many other flower and plant attractions such as an aquatic plant garden, a seasonal wildflower garden, and a hydrangea garden, so visitors can enjoy a variety of scenery while taking a walk in the forest.

Hydrangea in Tamagawadai Park

Daikokuya, located near the entrance, sells doll-shaped dolls made of ayu fish that once inhabited the Tama River, so be sure to pick one up as a souvenir.

Nearby are numerous sports facilities along the Tama River, including the Tamagawadai and Todoroki Green.

Tamagawadai Park

Park Name Tamagawadai Park
Park Address 1-63-1 Denenchofu, Ota-ku, Tokyo
Playground equipment Slide, jungle gym, swings
Facilities and equipment Hydrangea garden

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