Kodaira Central Park

Kodaira Central Park in Kodaira City, Tokyo, is adjacent to Takanodai Station on the Seibu Kokubunji Line and is conveniently accessible. The park has tennis courts, a jogging course, a baseball field, a soccer field, a water playground, and a general gymnasium. The children’s playground is divided into the East Playground and North Playground.

Tobu Park

Tobu Park in Kodaira City, Tokyo, has an outdoor swimming pool, which includes a flowing pool, a 25-meter pool, and a toddler pool. The park also has a combination playground, a slide, and other children’s equipment, as well as a basketball goal in the multipurpose plaza.

Sanno Minami Park

Sanno Minami Park in Kodaira City, Tokyo, is located at the Kodaira Shikohoku intersection. The park is surrounded by a high fence. Nakamachi No.2 Park (Kodaira City, Tokyo) Nakamachi Daini Park is located in Kodaira City, Tokyo, between the Gakuen Higashi Kogyo Higashi intersection and Nakamachi intersection on Akashia Street. There is a Circle K convenience store about a one-minute walk away.

Hyotan Pond Park


Hyotan Ike Park in Kodaira City, Tokyo, is located in front of the municipal Hanakoganei Minami Children’s Hall. There is no playground equipment or restrooms in the park, but a gourd-shaped water playground, water fountain, and benches. Nearby are Lake Tama Bicycle Path and Koganei Park.

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