Zempukuji Park is a metropolitan park located in Suginami Ward, centering on Zempukuji Pond, which was once famous as one of the three largest spring-fed ponds in Musashino and is the source of the Zempukuji River.

Zenpikuji Park Suginami
Zenpikuji Park Suginami

Since the amount of water has decreased with urbanization, the water is now supplied from the Senkawa Waterworks to prevent drought. Many waterfowl such as ducks, kites, bans, and ducks can be seen in the pond, and the area is rich in nature with an abundance of trees, plants, and flowers.

Zenpikuji Park Suginami
Zenpikuji Park Suginami

There are two ponds, the Upper Pond and the Lower Pond, and each pond offers a different view of nature, so it is a good idea to compare the two ponds.

Visitors can take a boat ride in the Upper Pond.

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Zenpikuji Park Suginami
Zenpikuji Park Suginami

In spring, many cherry trees bloom around the pond, and from June to August, water lilies bloom in a variety of colors, making it a very beautiful place. The “Shimono-no-ike” pond is covered with many aquatic plants and a dense forest of trees, and is full of nature.

There is also a restored waterfall called “Osonoi Falls,” which was once a spring with an abundance of water.

Park Name Zenpukuji Park
Park Address Zempukuji 2 and 3, Suginami-ku, Tokyo
Playground equipment Slide, jungle gym, swings
Facilities and equipment Boat launch
Slide slides Jungle gym Swing set
Multi-purpose plaza Benches overlooking the pond Tables & chairs
Park Sign Arbor Park information board
Boat Ramp Statue of Old Man Uchida Shugoro Children’s playground


Zenpukuji Park Boat Ramp

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