In Tokyo, the energetic center would have to be Shinjuku. This district offers an unmatched shopping and entertainment scene, showcasing diversity at every turn. With countless options including malls of all sizes, department stores galore, and charming izakayas hidden in narrow alleys alongside lavish multi-story shopping complexes.

At the heart of the area lies Shinjuku Station. A vital transportation hub with unrivaled activity levels worldwide. With over two million daily commuters passing through it, this bustling train station mirrors the relentless rhythm of Japan’s capital city.

Shinjuku Jr Station

This makes Shinjuku one of the best places in Tokyo to Stay for first-time visitors. Surrounding Shinjuku Station are several distinct areas that each possess their unique charm with some great luxury hotels, as well as midrange and scattering of cheap places to stay.

Choosing where to stay in Shinjuku can be enjoyable but overwhelming as there is an abundance of accommodation options available catering to diverse tastes, preferences, and budgets.

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Shinjuku: Best Area For Transport Access

JR Yamanote Line Shinjuku Station

Shinjuku is a dynamic district centered around Shinjuku Station, which serves as a transit hub for twelve train and Metro lines including the main Yamanote loop. This impressive connectivity allows easy access to various regions in Tokyo and popular day-trip destinations like Mount Fuji, Hakone, and Kawagoe.

The station itself goes beyond being a transportation facility, housing numerous shopping arcades, department stores, and food courts interconnected through subterranean passageways.

Outside the station, you can find towering skyscrapers with observation decks, bustling shopping centers, and colossal retail establishments. Towards the eastern vicinity of the station are exceptional shopping streets that host esteemed department stores along with flagship shops representing renowned brands in Tokyo’s commerce scene.

Kabukicho, Golden Gai, Omoide Yokocho: Tokyo’s Vibrant Nightlife

Kabuki Cho Shinjuku

In close proximity lies famous (or perhaps infamous) Kabukicho, an exuberant district with neon lights renowned for its vibrant nightlife. Adjacent to it is Golden Gai, a labyrinth of cozy pubs and bars that remain open until dawn.

On the opposite side of the railway tracks is another gem. Omoide Yokocho—a captivating assortment of historic alleys adorned by hole-in-the-wall establishments serving drinks and yakitori.

Omoide Yokocho Shinjuku Tokyo

Situated towards the western direction from Shinjuku Station’s skyscrapers is Tochome, offering unparalleled vistas of Tokyo City from within the dramatic (and free) Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. This area also houses more of the luxury accommodation options known for their lavishness and sky-high bars.

Progressing southwards beyond Shinjuku Station lies Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden—an enchanting haven brimming with lush greenery amidst one of Tokyo’s most densely developed regions.

Choosing Where To Stay in Shinjuku

Finding the ideal place to stay in Shinjuku can be a tough task due to its abundance of choices and nearby activities and attractions. When making a decision, consider factors such as proximity to sights and unique neighborhood charms.

Do you prefer a vibrant nightlife scene or a central location for exploring Tokyo? Alternatively, luxurious five-star hotels offer tranquility and indulgence.

Understanding the neighborhoods within Shinjuku will help you find your perfect fit and the best hotel for you. Plus, it’s also good to prioritize accessibility with easy transportation options connecting your accommodation conveniently throughout Tokyo.

Staying Near Transport

Shinjuku Station Area

As you now know, Shinjuku is a highly connected district in Tokyo, making it convenient for transportation to and from your digs. With the central train hub of Shinjuku Station and numerous subway stations dispersed within the area, effortless exploration across various parts of the city is possible regardless of where you choose to stay nearby.

Plus, Shinjuku lies along the JR Shonan-Shinjuku Line which provides excellent access for day trips to destinations like Yokohama and Kamakura. And if you’re planning a day tour to see Mount Fuji (highly recommended) Shinjuku is the ideal starting point with the Fuji Excursion Train leaving from Shinjuku Station along with most of the Mt Fuji day tours which depart from the bus center.

Shinjuku’s Convenient Airport Access

Narita Express

Traveling to Shinjuku from Tokyo’s international airports is a breeze. The Narita Express offers a direct train service between Narita International Airport and Shinjuku Station.

Haneda Airport is also easily accessible with just one transfer at Shinagawa Station. Alternatively, you can take the bus from Busta Shinjuku to Haneda Airport in approximately 45 minutes. There are also Limousine Buses that provide transportation services from both airports to many hotels in Shinjuku during your stay.

Types Of Accommodation In Shinjuku

When choosing where to stay in Shinjuku, consider the range of accommodations available. Due to its urban development and focus on business, hotels are the primary choice in this area.

From affordable yet comfortable mid-range business hotels to luxurious five-star hotels renowned worldwide for their excellence, there is a spectrum of options to choose from. Your specific accommodation needs and budget will also influence your decision when settling down in Shinjuku.

Top 5 Shinjuku Neighborhoods

  • Kabukicho: Neon-lit entertainment district.
  • Golden Gai: Historic bar area with narrow alleyways.
  • Nishi-Shinjuku: Modern business hub with skyscrapers.
  • Takadanobaba: Lively student neighborhood near Waseda University.
  • Okubo: Vibrant Korean town known for its food and shops.

These neighborhoods offer diverse atmospheres, making each of them great choice for your stay in Shinjuku. Whether you’re into nightlife, history, modernity, or cultural diversity – Shinjuku has got you covered.

1. Shinjuku Station Area: Stay Here For Best Access

Shinjuku Station

Choose accommodation near Shinjuku Station for unbeatable access to Tokyo and a phenomenal shopping experience. With an abundance of stores, dining options, and vibrant nightlife just steps away from your hotel, you’ll have everything at your fingertips. Lose yourself in this retail wonderland with countless shops, bars, and restaurants waiting to be discovered around every corner.

Being close to Shinjuku Station means you’re only a short walk or train ride away from the exciting attractions located within the wider area of Shinjuku. This central location also makes it convenient for exploring other parts of Tokyo as well as venturing into neighboring cities.

As Tokyo’s largest and busiest station sprawling across vast dimensions.  Shinjuku Station serves as an ideal hub for reaching any destination within the city limits or beyond. Whether indulging in retail therapy or embarking on new adventures throughout Tokyo, staying near Shinjuku will be a great location and the top choice for many.

Shinjuku Station is the starting point for trains to popular day trip destinations. Take the JR Shonan-Shinjuku Line to reach Kamakura or hop on the Odakyu Odawara Line towards Hakone through Odawara. You’ll also be right next to the Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal located opposite the South Exit of Shinjuku Station.

Best Hotels Closest To Shinjuku Station

So where are the best places to stay in the Shinjuku station area? Here are our top 4 picks.

  • Shinjuku Prince Hotel
  • Hotel Sunroute Plaza
  • Odakyu Hotel Century Southern Tower
  • JR Kyushu Hotel Blossom Shinjuku.

1. Shinjuku Prince Hotel: Best Affordable Hotel Near Shibuya Station

Shinjuku Prince Hotel Tokyo

A popular choice in the heart of the city, Shinjuku Prince Hotel is a favorite for those wanting to be in the thick of the action. Steps away from the hustle and bustle of Shinjuku’s entertainment and shopping districts, this hotel offers comfortable rooms and panoramic city views.

Plus, with its own Seibu-Shinjuku line station in the basement, it’s perfectly placed for exploring the rest of Tokyo.

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2. Hotel Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku: Best Business Hotel Near Shinjuku Station

Hotel Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku Tokyo

The Sunrout Plaza Shinjuku is a reliable choice for those seeking a convenient location and excellent facilities. Overlooking the busy streets of Shinjuku, the hotel has a mix of Western and Japanese-style rooms.

With access to several nearby metro and JR lines, exploring Tokyo is a breeze. The onsite Italian restaurant, Villazza, is a great spot for a casual dinner after a long day of sightseeing.

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3. Odakyu Hotel Century Southern Tower: Best Hotel Views In Shinjuku

Odakyu Hotel Century Southern Tower Tokyo

Offering stunning views of Tokyo’s skyline, this hotel is conveniently located near Shinjuku Station. The rooms are designed with a minimalist yet comfortable style and the hotel also has several dining options. The Odakyu Hotel Century Southern Tower is an excellent choice for those wanting a bit of luxury without sky-high prices.

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4. JR Kyushu Hotel Blossom Shinjuku: Best Bathroom Views

Jr Kyushu Hotel Blossom Shinjuku Tokyo

This chic and modern hotel, owned by the JR Kyushu railway company, delivers both style and convenience. Its rooms offer a blend of traditional and contemporary design, and the hotel is just a short walk from Shinjuku station.

With a great on-site restaurant serving Kyushu specialties, you’ll get a taste of southern Japan without leaving the city. As you can see it also has the best bathroom view in town.

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2. Stay Kabuki Cho Area For Nightlife

Kabuki Cho Shinjuku

Venture into the untamed streets of Kabuki-cho, where neon lights illuminate a unique atmosphere. There are izakayas, pachinko parlors, karaoke bars, love hotels, and nightclubs galore in Kabukicho and the Golden Gai area.

Look out for Godzilla on the rooftop of Gracery Hotel which is a popular choice of hotel in Kabuki-cho. While it serves as Tokyo’s red light district with adult-oriented clubs and boldly advertised services, Kabukicho remains relatively safe compared to similar districts worldwide.

Just stay alert for touts targeting unsuspecting travelers in the area and never follow them into a bar.

Golden Gai: Kabukicho’s Unique Bar Strip

Golden Gai Shinjuku Guide

Located in Kabukicho, Golden Gai is a vibrant area with narrow streets and countless miniature bars. These exceptionally small establishments can only accommodate a few patrons at once. The atmosphere within Golden Gai consists of two-story buildings, typically housing one bar on the ground level and another above it.

While some bars are not exclusively for travelers, most warmly welcome foreigners. Both overseas visitors and locals frequent these inclusive venues alike. Bars in Golden Gai usually open late in the evening and close during the early morning hours.

If you want to fully experience Tokyo’s lively ambiance without reservations, staying in Kabukicho would be a great choice.

Best Hotels Near Kabukicho and Golden Gai

Here’s our top 5 picks of where to stay in the Kabuko Cho Area of Shinjuku

  • Hotel Gracery Shinjuku provides a remarkable experience (and Godzilla on the roof)
  • Bespoke Hotel Shinjuku.
  • Citadines Central Shinjuku Tokyo
  • Super Hotel Shinjuku Kabukicho is also a great option
  • HOTEL CEN offers unmatched hospitality

Hotel Gracery Shinjuku

Hotel Gracery Shinjuku Tokyo Updated Prices

Now, if you’ve ever wanted to wake up with Godzilla on the rooftop, then Hotel Gracery Shinjuku is just the ticket. It’s not every day you find a massive lizard from the movies gracing your hotel roof. It’s a fun mix of Tokyo’s love for the wacky and unexpected, all wrapped up in a comfortable stay.

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Bespoke Hotel Shinjuku

The Bespoke Hotel Shinjuku is all about creating a unique, tailored experience for guests. Combining a modern aesthetic with those little Japanese touches, it’s got that cool Tokyo vibe down pat. A perfect pit stop for the urban explorer.

Priced From: $131
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Citadines Central Shinjuku Tokyo

Citadines Central Shinjuku Tokyo Tokyo Updated Prices

Sitting pretty in the heart of Shinjuku, the Citadines Central Shinjuku Tokyo is an easy choice for those who want to be smack in the middle of the hustle and bustle. It’s not just the prime location; the rooms are neat, modern, and equipped with all you need for a comfy stay.

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Super Hotel Shinjuku Kabukicho

The Super Hotel Shinjuku Kabukicho might have you thinking of superheroes and comic books, but in this case, ‘super’ stands for super value and super convenience. With a location right in the heart of the action, it’s a great base for your Shinjuku adventures.

Priced From: $79
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If you’re after a place where the staff will know your name and greet you with a warm smile every day, then HOTEL CEN is a top contender. Known for its personal touch and attentive staff, it adds that bit of warmth and hospitality that makes a trip all the more memorable.

Priced From: $89
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3. Tochomae: Best Luxury Hotels In Shinjuku

Park Hyatt Tokyo

The Tochomae Area, located on the western side of Shinjuku Station, is a more serene and peaceful neighborhood known for its impressive skyscrapers. Standing out among them is Shinjuku Central Park, offering a respite from the surrounding concrete and home to the Shinjuku Juniso Kumano-jinja Shrine.

Unlike other more bustling parts of Shinjuku, Tochomae provides a tranquil atmosphere where you can enjoy close proximity to major attractions while escaping from noise.

A must-visit is the breathtaking observation decks found at Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building within the Tochomae area. These twin towers offer free access to unparalleled views that stretch across Tokyo’s expanse – on clear days, even Mount Fuji becomes part of your panoramic cityscape view.

Tochomae Hotel Options

Copyright Park Hyatt Tokyo

Tochomae offers the best luxury hotels in Shinjuku, including renowned five-star hotels like Hyatt Regency, Hilton Tokyo, and Park Hyatt Tokyo.

Enjoy breathtaking views of Shinjuku from your room while indulging in fancy dining experiences at the hotel’s refined restaurants and trendy bars.

Plus, Tochomae provides convenient transportation services with regular limousine buses departing from most of the main hotels such as Hilton Tokyo for seamless journeys between Narita or Haneda Airports and these top luxury hotels.

Best Hotels In Tochomae

Here’s our pick on where to stay in Shinjuku’s Tochomae Area. Most of these are in the 5-star or luxury range but there are a few affordable places to stay such as the Shinjuku Washington hotel.

  • The Knot Tokyo Shinjuku
  • Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo Premier Grand
  • Hyatt Regency Tokyo
  • Hilton Tokyo Hotel
  • Shinjuku Washington Hotel
  • Kimpton ShinkujuTokyo, an IHG hotel

The Knot Tokyo Shinjuku

The Knot Tokyo Shinjuku Tokyo Updated Prices

Art lovers and the culturally curious will feel at home at The Knot Tokyo Shinjuku. Integrating local art into its decor, this hotel offers more than just a place to rest. Plus, their in-house bakery and beer terrace provide a refreshing alternative to standard hotel dining.

From $125

Keio Plaza Hotel Shinjuku: Best Hotel Pool In Shinjuku

Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo Tokyo

For those interested in immersing themselves in Japanese culture, consider staying at Keio Plaza Hotel Shinjuku. This establishment sets itself apart by featuring a traditional Japanese tea ceremony room, offering guests a unique cultural experience. It’s also got one of the best outdoor pools in town.

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From $169

Hyatt Regency Tokyo: Best Shinjuku Hotel With Large Rooms

Hyatt Regency Tokyo

If rejuvenation and relaxation are high on your list, Hyatt Regency Tokyo might be your go-to. Its world-class wellness center offers an indoor pool and a range of therapeutic treatments, making it an oasis in the busy city. It’s also the best choice if you are looking for a hotel in Shinjuku with large rooms.

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From: $295

Hilton Tokyo

Hilton Tokyo Hotel Tokyo

Food enthusiasts will want to check out Hilton Tokyo. Besides its comfortable and also very large rooms rooms, the hotel features a teppanyaki restaurant, allowing guests to witness skilled chefs at work. Not to mention the rooftop tennis court which offers a fantastic city view during your match.

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From: $398

Shinjuku Washington Hotel: Best Cheap Hotel For Families

Shinjuku Washington Hotel

For a taste of the future, consider staying at Shinjuku Washington Hotel. It sets itself apart with robot staff members, introducing guests to cutting-edge AI hospitality.  It also has some great views. It’s also one of the best cheaper hotels in Shinjuku for families.

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From: $89

Kimpton Shinjuku Tokyo, an IHG hotel

Copyright Kimpton Shinjuku Tokyo
Copyright Kimpton Shinjuku Tokyo

Travelers who value health and wellness will appreciate Kimpton Shinjuku Tokyo, an IHG hotel that we think is the best boutique hotel in Shinjuku. This accommodation offers a yoga studio to unwind after a long day and a rooftop bar with panoramic city views. The hotel is also pet-friendly, so your furry companion is more than welcome.

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From: $449

Shinjuku Gyoen Area

Shinjuku gyoen Park During Koyo Season

The Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden area provides a peaceful escape in bustling Shinjuku. Despite being slightly further from the station, it is still conveniently located near major attractions and offers an easy exploration of other areas within Tokyo. Staying near Shinjuku Gyoen allows for a tranquil experience while maintaining access to excellent shops, cafes, and restaurants nearby.

Staying near Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden gives you easy access to the 144-acre escape from the city’s high-rises and bright lights. This expansive garden features diverse sections, including a peaceful Japanese-style garden, an elegant Taiwanese pavilion, a lush forest of untamed flora, and a beautiful French rose garden.

This is an especially popular area to stay in during cherry blossom season, with over four hundred trees attracting crowds during springtime festivities each year and including the nighttime Naked Sakura cherry blossom exhibition.

Best Hotels Near Shinjuku Gyoen

All of these make an excellent option near the renowned national garden. Here are our top 4 picks on where to stay near Shinjuku Gyoen.

  • Tokyu Stay Shinjuku
  • Hotel Wing International Premium Tokyo Yotsuya
  • Citadines Shinjuku Tokyo
  • COCOSHUKU Shinjuku-Hanazono

Tokyu Stay Shinjuku

Let’s start with the quirky yet lovable Tokyu Stay Shinjuku. This place makes you feel like you’re in your personal mini-studio in the heart of Tokyo. They’ve got mini-kitchens in each room, which isn’t common in Tokyo and is a godsend when you fancy whipping up a late-night snack or saving some yen by cooking your meals.

From: $125

Hotel Wing International Premium Tokyo Yotsuya

Next, let’s make a pit stop at Hotel Wing International Premium Tokyo Yotsuya. It’s not just another cookie-cutter hotel; they’ve leveled up the game by offering rooms with views of the lush greenery of nearby Shinjuku Gyoen Park. If you’re a peace seeker yearning for a green retreat amidst the urban sprawl, this is the place for you.

Priced From: $93

Citadines Shinjuku Tokyo: Best Hotel under $200

Citadines Central Shinjuku Tokyo Tokyo Updated Prices

Ever wondered what living in an upscale Tokyo neighborhood would be like? Check out Citadines Shinjuku Tokyo. These serviced apartments come equipped with all the comforts of home, including an on-site gym so you can keep up with your fitness routine. This is Tokyo living, without the long-term commitment!

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COCOSHUKU Shinjuku-Hanazono: Best Place To Stay With Kids

Cocoshuku Shinjuku Hanazono Tokyo

Last but not least, let’s look at COCOSHUKU Shinjuku-Hanazono, where tradition meets comfort. With apartment-style rooms that include a kitchen and bunk beds, it’s a great choice if you’re traveling with kids. It’s also got a well-stocked games rack and good quality washing machines ticking off the boring but important criteria.

It’s tucked away in a peaceful neighborhood, providing a tranquillity you wouldn’t expect to find in the heart of the city.

Priced From: $236

Higashi-Shinjuku: Stay Here For Affordable and Convenient Hotels

Another one of the best areas to stay in Shinjuku is Higashi-Shinjuku (East Shinjuku), a budget-friendly area just northeast of Shinjuku Station. With its own subway station served by two lines, you’ll have easy access to Tokyo’s vibrant center and beyond. Stay in this captivating neighborhood for an affordable stay without compromising on connectivity throughout the city.

Best Hotels In Higashi-Shinjuku

  • Tokyu Stay Shinjuku Eastside,
  • Sotetsu Fresa Inn
  • GLOU hotel
  • Sakura Cross Hotel

Tokyu Stay Shinjuku Eastside

With the Tokyu Stay Shinjuku Eastside, we’ve got a place that’s all about giving you that Tokyo lifestyle feel. Known for its minimalist aesthetics and thoughtful amenities, like a washer/dryer unit in every room, this hotel is perfect for longer stays. Plus, its proximity to the metro makes it a fantastic base for exploring Tokyo.

Priced From:$150

Sotetsu Fresa Inn Higashi Shinjuku

Sotetsu Fresa Inn Higashi Shinjuku is your quintessential urban retreat. This place has stylish rooms that feel more like hip apartments than a hotel. And here’s a fun twist: They’ve got an on-site convenience store for those midnight munchies and last-minute necessities.

Priced From: $79

GLOU Higashi Shinjuku

Think of GLOU Higashi Shinjuku as your perfect blend of comfort and design. With its industrial-chic decor and cozy rooms, you’ll feel right at home. While the hotel is not as large as many others on the list it does have a spacious communal lounge where you can swap stories with fellow travelers.

Priced From: $92

Sakura Cross Hotel

We round out our list with Sakura Cross Hotel, a serene oasis in the city. Its rooms are the epitome of understated elegance, with a soothing color palette and comfortable furnishings. An added bonus is the delightful rooftop terrace, offering city views that are worth lingering over.

Priced From: $115

Best Luxury Hotels In Shinjuku

Shinjuku has a great range of 5-star Luxury hotels as well second only to the Tokyo Station and Ginza area. As mentioned most of Shinjuku’s luxury offerings are in the Tocho-mae area. Here’s our pick for the top 5 luxury hotels in Shinjuku.

Park Hyatt Tokyo

Copyright Park Hyatt Tokyo
Copyright Park Hyatt Tokyo

At the top of the luxury game is Park Hyatt Tokyo. This hotel has earned a reputation for its incredible skyline views and for being a shooting location in the movie “Lost in Translation”. It offers sophisticated rooms with modern Japanese aesthetics and amenities that will make your stay an unforgettable one.

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Hilton Tokyo

Hilton Tokyo Hotel Tokyo

The Hilton Tokyo Hotel is synonymous with comfort and convenience. Located right in Shinjuku, it offers stylish rooms, a wide array of dining options, and a rooftop tennis court that lets you enjoy the city skyline while playing a match.

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Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo Premier Grand

Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo Tokyo

Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo Premier Grand is a more affordable luxury hotel that has a good blend of traditional Japanese hospitality and modern comfort. You can enjoy some great views of Tokyo’s skyline while relaxing in your room or the Sky Lounge on the 45th floor.

From: $169

Hyatt Regency Tokyo

Hyatt Regency Tokyo

Rounding out our list is the Hyatt Regency Tokyo. Its elegant rooms, fine dining options, and full-service spa have made it a favorite among luxury seekers. It also offers a free shuttle to Shinjuku Station, making it an ideal base for exploring Tokyo.

From: $295

Best Capsule Accommodations in Shinjuku

If you’re on a budget or just want to experience the novelty of a Capsule hotel, then Shinjuku is the best place in Tokyo to do it.

The best capsule hotel options in Shinjuku are Anshin Oyado Shinjuku (Men only), ELE Cabin in Kabukicho, Rembrandt Cabin near Shin-Okubo, and nine hours woman for female travelers.

Anshin Oyado Shinjuku

Anshin Oyado Shinjuku is a men-only capsule hotel that’s got all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a premium establishment. With a modern Japanese aesthetic, top-notch cleanliness, and its own public bath, it’s no surprise this place is a favorite among male travelers seeking a mix of tradition and innovation.

From: $50

ELE Cabin Kabukicho

Next up, ELE Cabin Kabukicho. It’s a compact, yet chic place where each capsule feels like your private cocoon. Plus, the communal lounge is a great spot to mingle with other travelers.

Priced From: $60

Rembrandt Cabin Shin-Okubo

Rembrandt Cabin Shin-Okubo is a convenient stay for those exploring Shinjuku’s vibrant Korean district. Its minimalist design and focus on privacy offer a calming retreat from the busy city. The free Wi-Fi and locker storage are nice perks too.

Priced From: $59

Nine Hours Woman

Lastly, for female travelers, we recommend Nine Hours Woman. This women-only capsule hotel prioritizes comfort and safety, offering a sleek and modern design, round-the-clock security, and a clean environment. It’s the perfect choice for solo female travelers who want peace of mind.

Priced From: $65

Best Ryokan With Onsen In Shinjuku

While Shinjuku is more renowned for its modern accommodations and skyscrapers, it’s not exactly a hotspot for traditional Japanese inns, also known as Ryokans. That being said there is an option in Shjinjuku that made our list of the best Ryokans in Tokyo.  And it’s an interesting option.

Onsen Ryokan Yuen Shinjuku

Copyright Onsen Ryokan Yuen Shinjuku
Copyright Onsen Ryokan Yuen Shinjuku

In the heart of Shinjuku, you can find the Onsen Ryokan Yuen Shinjuku which offers an amazing blend of the traditional and modern. With its minimalist design, it gives off a relaxing ambiance. What really sets it apart, though, is the on-site onsen (hot spring), which is a rare find in the middle of the city.

You can soak in the hot spring water while enjoying a view of the Tokyo skyline. This place truly offers a unique mix of the traditional Ryokan experience and the modern comforts you’d expect from an urban hotel.

Our review
From: $130

Love Hotels: Affordable, Spacious, and Intriguing

Petit Bali Forest Shinjuku Sancho Me Tokyo

Once associated with privacy for couples seeking intimate moments, love hotels have gained popularity among travelers recently with many now listed on the main booking sites such as

Their affordability and spacious room options are appealing while themed love hotels offer an intriguing experience. With the ability to book by the hour, they are ideal for convenient brief stays, not a great option if you have a lot of luggage or are looking for a multi-day stay.

Best Love Hotels in Shinjuku

Looking for a unique, romantic, and quintessentially Japanese experience? Love hotels are an integral part of the country’s culture and offer a chance to indulge in a world of fantasy and fun. Here are three love hotels in Shinjuku that promise a stay unlike any other. These are best for a quick overnighter rather than an extended stay.

HOTEL ATLAS Shinkabukicho

HOTEL ATLAS Shinkabukicho is an adult-only oasis that knows how to deliver a memorable experience. It combines tasteful, intimate decor with privacy and convenience. It’s worth noting that each room is equipped with a jacuzzi, which can definitely add a nice touch to your stay.

Reserve Here

HOTEL PetitBali Higashi-Shinjuku

Nestled away in Higashi-Shinjuku, HOTEL PetitBali offers couples a chance to unwind in a tranquil, Bali-themed setting. This hotel creates a romantic atmosphere with its exotic decor and private rooms equipped with large comfortable beds.

From: $50

Petit Bali Forest Shinjuku Sanchōme

Petit Bali Forest Shinjuku Sancho Me Tokyo

Petit Bali Forest Shinjuku Sanchōme is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a serene escape amidst the bustling city. This hotel charms guests with its tropical forest-themed rooms, providing a truly immersive and unique experience.

From: $160

Remember, these hotels are specially designed for adults seeking a private retreat. They offer short-stay options (known as “rest”), as well as overnight stays (known as “stay”). Regardless of your choice, these love hotels will provide you with a unique and memorable experience!

Shinjuku Business Hotels

Hotels in Shinjuku cater to various needs and preferences. Apart from luxurious options, there are many more budget-friendly places known as ‘Business hotels’. These accommodations prioritize affordability with compact rooms conveniently located near train stations. You can enjoy comfortable sleep while saving some yen to spend on other parts of your trip.

Best Time to Visit Shinjuku

Shinjuku Gyoen Park During Koyo Season

Shinjuku offers attractions and activities all year, with no real peak season.  Here are a few of the notable events happening at different times.

In spring, Shinjuku Gyoen attracts crowds with its cherry blossom trees. If you’re visiting Tokyo between late March and early April, don’t miss this enchanting garden.

During autumn, the garden once again captures attention with picturesque fall foliage. As November fades into December, vibrant winter illuminations adorn Shinjuku in anticipation of Christmas celebrations.

In Shinjuku, the annual Hanazono Jinja Reitaisai festival takes place from May 25th to 28th. Witness grand processions with portable shrines parading through the streets surrounding Hanazono Shrine during this remarkable three-day celebration.

As summer arrives, don’t miss out on the captivating Eisa Festival in Shinjuku. Originating from Okinawa, this renowned event features mesmerizing processions led by ensembles of performers and dancers through the lively streets at the heart of Shinjuku.

Tokyo Trip Checklist

  • If you’re traveling on the bullet train see our guide on how to reserve and buy Shinkansen tickets online.
  • The Much-loved Japan Rail Pass Surged in Price by a massive 70% in October.
  • We recommend a 1,2 or 3-day Tokyo Unlimited Subway Pass to get around Tokyo cheaply and easily.
  • If you plan on visiting Mt Fuji check out our list of the best Mt Fuji group or private tours from Tokyo
  • You’ll need a prepaid sim or Portable WIFI to stay connected in Japan
  • To ensure you have all the important things covered see our Tokyo travel guide.
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