Managed by the Bureau of Port and Harbor, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, the Tatsumi no Mori Seaside Park is located in Koto-ku, facing Tokyo Bay.

The park is famous for its eight very diverse sports: disc golf, ground golf, shuffleboard, putting golf, petting, free tennis, mallet golf, and garden golf, which can be enjoyed safely by all generations, from small children to the elderly. Equipment is available for rent.

In addition, there are sports facilities such as a youth square and rugby field, playground equipment such as slides and swings, a vast lawn, a dog run for dogs, and a barbecue area, making it a place where anyone can have fun.

The area is dotted with nature-filled parks such as the adjacent Tatsumi no Mori Ryokudo Park and Yumenoshima Park.

Name of Park Tatsumi no Mori Kaifuku Kouen (Tatsumi Seaside Park)
Park Address 2-1-35, Tatsumi, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Playground equipment Combination playground equipment, spring playground equipment, seesaw, health playground equipment
Facilities and equipment Soccer field, disc golf, grand golf, putter golf, petanque, free tennis, mallet golf, garden golf, barbecue area, dog run, shuffleboard, basketball court
1310801003_02 1310801003_03 1310801003_04
Combination Playground Equipment Tire Swing Playground Equipment Boat playground equipment
1310801003_05 1310801003_06 1310801003_07
Spring Playground Equipment Seesaw Health Playground Equipment (Back Stretch)
1310801003_08 1310801003_09 1310801003_10-1
Health Playground Equipment (Low Long Step) Health playground equipment (Twist Board) Playground equipment (Rope Climbing)
1310801003_11 1310801003_12 1310801003_13
Health playground equipment (spring board) Grand golf course Disc golf course
1310801003_14 1310801003_15 1310801003_16
Mullet golf course Putting golf course Shuffleboard
1310801003_17 1310801003_18 1310801003_19
Free tennis Petanque field Basketball goal
1310801003_20 1310801003_21 1310801003_22
Rugby field Soccer field Multipurpose square
1310801003_23 1310801003_24 1310801003_25
Barbecue area Dog run Tokyo Tatsumi International Swimming Center
1310801003_26 1310801003_27 1310801003_28
Liaison bridge Tokyo Sky Tree seen from the park Park Information Board

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