Kyodonomori Park in Fuchu City, Tokyo, has sports facilities such as a baseball field, garden baseball field, soccer field, and general gymnasium, as well as a fishing pond that can be enjoyed from spring to fall, a general pool and water playground for summer, a go-cart track, and exhibitions of steam and electric locomotives.

The park is a place where visitors can enjoy vehicles. There is also an area where visitors can enjoy barbecues between the park and the Tama River that runs in front of the park.

There are parking lots throughout the park, and in addition to access by car, there is a bus stop for the Keio Bus in front of the General Gymnasium.

Image Credit: Tokyo Navi via archive

Name of Park Kyodonomori Park
Park Address 6-32 Minami-cho, Fuchu-shi, Tokyo
Playground equipment Jungle gym, swings, spring playground equipment, combination playground equipment
Facilities and equipment Baseball field, soccer field, tennis court, fishing pond, steam locomotive exhibit, water playground, barbecue area, Fuchu City Folk Forest Museum
1320601005_02 1320601005_03 1320601005_04
Slides Jungle gym Swing set
1320601005_05 1320601005_06 1320601005_07
Combination playground equipment Spring playground equipment (car) Spring playground equipment (space shuttle)
1320601005_08 1320601005_09 1320601005_10
Steam locomotive exhibit (D51-296) Electric locomotive (EB101) Metropolitan Electric Railway Type 6000 (Chin-Chin Train)
1320601005_11 1320601005_12 1320601005_13
Keio Bus (display vehicle) Fuchu City Fire Brigade (display vehicle) Go-cart rides
1320601005_14 1320601005_15 1320601005_16-2
Baseball field Soccer field Tennis court
1320601005_17 1320601005_18 1320601005_19
Barbecue area Water playground Swimming pool
1320601005_20 1320601005_21 1320601005_22
Fuchu Municipal Gymnasium Fuchu City Local Forest Sightseeing Products Museum Fuchu City Forest Museum
1320601005_23 1320601005_24 1320601005_25
Transportation Amusement Park Stores & Management Office Tennis wall
1320601005_26 1320601005_27 1320601005_28
Fishing Pond Bus stop in the park Park Map

Image Credit: Tokyo Navi via archive

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