Kotta-Kaitori Fureai Hiroba in Tama City, Tokyo is a park located on the north bank of the Kotta River in Kotta, Tama City.

The park is symbolically marked by a large grassy park in the center and a large, fort-like playground complex.

This playground equipment is unique not only because of its size, but also because it is made of wood, which gives it a unique atmosphere and softness not found in other parks, and makes children excited to see how they will play with it.

There are also swings, a semi-circular see-saw that looks like a balancing toy, slides, and a balance beam, so children and adults alike can enjoy various types of playground equipment.

The park also has many green trees, and combined with the promenade along the Begota River, it is known as an excellent cherry blossom viewing spot in spring, when the cherry trees are in full bloom, and many people come to enjoy the blossoms.

The park is a favorite place for local residents to take a short walk, stroll, view the cherry blossoms, or just relax and exercise.

It is located between Nagayama Station and Tama Center Station on the Keio Sagamihara Line and Odakyu Tama Line, about a 15-minute walk from each station. There is no parking available, so we recommend using public transportation or paid parking in the area.

Kotta Kaidori Fureai Square
Kotta Kaidori Fureai Square
Park Name

Kotta Kaidori Fureai Square

 (Kotto, Kaitori Fureai Hiroba)
Park Address810 Begota, Tama City, Tokyo
Playground equipmentCombination playground equipment, swings, seesaw, stretch playground equipment
Facilities and equipmentWater playground
Combination Playground EquipmentSwing setSeesaw
Children’s playground equipmentFlatbedParallel bars
Water playgroundDrinking water vending machinesBegida/Kaitori Community Center
Lawn squareStretch playground equipmentParking lot

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