Miyagi Family Park in Adachi-ku, Tokyo is a park built on the east rooftop of the Miyagi Water Reclamation Center in Miyagi, Adachi-ku.

There are two main plazas: a multipurpose plaza with sandy ground for ground golf, and an active sports plaza with artificial turf and a basketball goal.

The active sports square is especially well maintained to facilitate 3-on-3 and skateboarding, making it a valuable park for basketball and skateboarding players. There are no playground facilities like those in regular parks, but there are restrooms and other facilities, so families can play safely.

There is no parking lot for the general public, but there is a bicycle parking lot, so rather than coming from a long distance, the park seems to be a safe place for local residents to exercise.

Park Name Miyagi Family Park
Park Address 2-2 Miyagi, Adachi-ku, Tokyo
Playground equipment Slide, swing set
Facilities and equipment Basketball court, skateboard rink
1312101004_02 1312101004_03 1312101004_04
Slide Swing set Basketball goal
1312101004_05 1312101004_06 1312101004_07
Rest area Walking course Park Entrance
1312101004_08 1312101004_09 1312101004_10
Park Information Map Bicycle Parking Lot Park Sign
1312101004_11 1312101004_12-1 1312101004_13
Sumida River Handicapped Parking Lot Bicycle Parking Lot

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