Here are all of the best parks in Ota Ward Tokyo.

Omori Furusato no Hamabe Park (Ota-ku, Tokyo)


Omori Furusato no Hamabe Koen is the first municipal seaside park in Tokyo, located at the very address “1-1 Furusato no Hamabe Koen, Ota-ku, Tokyo. It is a simple park where local residents can casually enjoy the seaside with a little nostalgic atmosphere, where they can enjoy the view of the sea, including a 400-m-long artificial sandy beach, artificial mud flats, and a fishing pier.

Jonanjima Seaside Park


Located on Jonanjima, one of the man-made islands in Ota Ward, this is a marine park named Jonanjima Seaside Park managed by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s Bureau of Port and Harbor. There is an artificial beach where you can go tio-boshi fishing and a campground equipped with the only auto-camping facility in the Tokyo Metropolitan area. Why not use the park for camping a little away from your usual life in the city, or for barbecues with your neighborhood association or friends?

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Haginaka Park


Haginaka Park is located in Ota Ward and is a popular spot for cherry blossom viewing in the area, with many other trees planted in the park, including plum trees and Japanese zelkova trees. The park has a variety of sports facilities, including baseball and swimming pools, especially an indoor pool that can be used year-round and an outdoor pool that can be used during the summer months.

Nishirokugo Park (Tire Park)


Located south of Nishirokugo 1-chome Apartments in Ota Ward, Nishirokugo Park has a street name of Tire Park, which is more famous today because it is equipped with playground equipment made from about 3,000 large and small scrap tires. The park is also home to a tire rocket made of piled up tires, tire robots, and the centerpiece of the park, a parent and child Godzilla, which stands 8 meters tall.

Morigasaki Park


This park is located on the roof of the Morigasaki Water Reclamation Center in Ota Ward, Tokyo. The park has a strolling area with many trees and a Japanese garden. There is an athletic field and a free space, and the athletic field provides a good practice area for local soccer teams and elementary and junior high school students.

Heiwajima Park


Located in Ota Ward, this park is right next to the Heiwajima exit of the Metropolitan Expressway No. 1 Haneda Line. The park facilities include a baseball field that utilizes four corners of the large site, a full-scale day campground on a large area ranging from lawn to forest, and a 25-meter and 50-meter outdoor swimming pool on the south side of the park, where swimming can be enjoyed.

Heiwa-no-mori Park


The main attraction of this park is the 40 different field athletic courses that are modeled after valuable cultural assets and historical sites in the ward. There is a fee for this course, but it is hard to find a course with such a wide range of facilities, so please bring the whole family and dress for a good workout.

Keihinjima Tsubasa Park


Keihinjima Tsubasa Park is a long, narrow park built along the southeastern edge of Keihinjima Island in Ota Ward, facing Haneda Airport. The park used to be famous for its close views of airplanes taking off and landing at Haneda Airport. Recently, due to changes in the use of Haneda Airport’s runways, it seems that the view up close is not so good anymore.

Tamagawadai Park


This park stretches for about 750 m on a hillside along the Tama River in Ota Ward. The plateau where the park is located is on the southern edge of the Musashino Plateau, and the view toward the Tama River from the observation platform is spectacular, and is one of the eight best views of the Tama River.

Higashi Chofu Park


Higashi Chofu Park in Ota Ward, Tokyo, has a steam locomotive (D51-428) on display, a water playground, a baseball field, and a swimming pool. The park also has a traffic park where visitors can learn traffic rules while enjoying bicycles, tricycles, go-carts, beanbikes, and auxiliary bicycles.

Tokai-futo Park


Located at the southern end of Oi Pier in Ota Ward, this park offers rock fishing and barbecues. Barbecues are free of charge and there is no reservation system. The park is relatively open, with a view of Keihin Island and the monorail by the sea.

Tsukiyama Park


Tsukiyama Park in Ota Ward, Tokyo, is located about a 5-minute walk from Chidoricho Station on the Tokyu Ikegami Line. The park is equipped with combination playground equipment, benches, restrooms, and other facilities.

Shimomaruko Park


Shimomaruko Park (Shimomaruko Koen) in Ota Ward, Tokyo, has two tennis courts, basketball facilities, futsal courts, a jogging course, and other sports facilities. The park also has a combination playground, tire swings, and other children’s equipment, as well as a water playground. Access is a 10-minute walk from Shimomaruko Station on the Tokyu Tamagawa Line.

Iri-niarai Nishi Park


The Iri-ni Nishi-Children’s Transportation Park has a bicycle course for children and is equipped with signs and road surface signs. Children’s bicycles and bean cars are available for rent for cycling and bicycle practice. In addition, there is a steam locomotive exhibit and a fire truck exhibit, and a water playground is located a short distance away.

Senzokuike Park


Located in Ota Ward, this park is one of the largest parks with a pond in Tokyo. The total area of the park is about 6.7 hectares, of which Senzoku Pond is about 4 hectares. Senzoku Pond is a spring-fed pond, and although the number of water sources has decreased from four in the past, spring water from the Shimizukubo Benzaiten still flows into the pond through underground channels.

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