Kiba Park is a metropolitan park with a total area of 24.2 hectares, centering on the area called Kiba in Koto-ku, Tokyo.

The Kiba area flourished from the Edo period (1603-1867) to the Showa period (1926-1989) as a “lumber town” supplying lumber to Edo and Tokyo.

The park is divided into three areas, South, North, and Central, each of which is connected by a public road, but they are conveniently connected by the Kiba Park Bridge, the symbol of the park, and the view from the bridge is exhilarating.

Fureai Hiroba in the south area is a large grassy plaza, ideal for picnics with the family or barbecues with friends at the barbecue plaza near the center of the park.

The park is also full of other greenery with plants and trees. The pine trees in the Japanese-style garden maintained at the entrance of Kiba Park are very well maintained and are a popular hidden attraction.

The mallet golf (Park Golf) course located in Kiba Park is set in an area rich in nature with trees.

The surrounding area is home to many cultural facilities, with the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo just north of the park and many libraries within 1 km of the park.

Kiba Park

Park Name Kiba Park
Park Address 4-6-1 Hirano, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Playground equipment Combination playground equipment, athletic playground equipment, climbing rope, ropeway, health playground equipment
Facilities and equipment Jogging course, dog run, tennis court, mallet golf course, barbecue area, basketball goal
1310801002_02 1310801002_03-1 1310801002_04
Slide Slide Zile climbing Ropeway
1310801002_05-1 1310801002_06 1310801002_07
Panel playground equipment Rope Climbing Untei
1310801002_08 1310801002_09 1310801002_10
Athletic playground equipment Health playground equipment (hanging twist) Health playground equipment (sit-ups and back-ups)
1310801002_11 1310801002_12 1310801002_13
Basketball goal Tennis court Mullet golf
1310801002_14 1310801002_15 1310801002_16-1
Dog run Barbecue area Jogging course
1310801002_17 1310801002_18 1310801002_19
Jabu-jabu pond Sendai-bori River running through the center of the park Event Pond Plaza
1310801002_20 1310801002_21 1310801002_22
Fureai Plaza Oyoko River Stores in the park
1310801002_23 1310801002_24 1310801002_25
Fountain in the Urban Botanical Garden Urban Botanical Garden-Gardening Plaza (Western-style) Urban Botanical Garden-Gardening Plaza
1310801002_26 1310801002_27 1310801002_28
Sample hedge garden in the Urban Botanical Garden (Zosan) Sample hedge in the Urban Botanical Garden Sample hedge in the Urban Botanical Garden (Panda-san)
1310801002_29 1310801002_30 1310801002_31
Exterior view of Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo (Part 1) Exterior view of the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo (No. 2) Exterior view of the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo (Part 3)
1310801002_32 1310801002_33 1310801002_34
Fountain Square Kiba Park Bridge Outdoor Stage
1310801002_35 1310801002_36 1310801002_37
Kiba Midorium Kiba Park Service Center Outdoor Stage

Image Credit: Tokyo Navi via archive

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