Arakawa Amusement Park (Arakawa Yuen) in Arakawa Ward, Tokyo, has fun attractions and a plaza where visitors can interact with animals and nature.

Visitors can enjoy attractions with pop and cute colors at “Fufu-Awa Land”. Nearby is the “Water Play Square. It is a cool spot where children can often be seen playing in the water during the summer.

If you like animals, “Animal Square” is the place for you. You can ride a pony or touch a cute little rabbit! If you want to spend a relaxing and leisurely time, go to “Fishing Plaza” and “Shibafu Plaza.

Shibafu Hiroba can be used in any way you like! You can eat your lunch or just lay back and relax. Babies and toddlers can also enjoy the “Chibiko Hiroba. It is also a great place to take a break.

There are many other fun facilities, as well as the standard amusement park attractions, such as the Ferris wheel and merry-go-round! Arakawa Amusement Park is especially frequented by families with small children.

There are plenty of facilities that small children can enjoy! But everyone has his or her own way of having fun. We are sure that people of all ages will be satisfied with the park.

Park Name Arakawa Amusement Park
Park Address 6-35-11 Nishi-Oku, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo
Related Facilities Fishing ground, water playground
Official site Arakawa Amusement Park
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Ferris wheel (diameter: 26 meters, height: 32 meters) Sky Cycle (5 meters above the ground, 232 meters per lap) Family Coaster (2 laps around a course of about 138 meters)
1311861001_05 1311861001_06 1311861001_07
Coffee cup Battery car Merry-go-round
1311861001_08 1311861001_09 1311861001_10
Excavator playground equipment Bean train Anpanman train
1311861001_11 1311861001_12 1311861001_13
Anpanman coin-operated play equipment Thomas & Doraemon coin-operated playground equipment The carousel, a staple of amusement parks, requires an escort for children 4 years old and younger.
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Water playground in the park Fountain Plaza Fishing ground
1311861001_17 1311861001_18 1311861001_19
Animal Square (Part 1) Animal Square (2) Animal Square (Part 3)
1311861001_20 1311861001_21 1311861001_22
Pony Riding Petting Corner (rabbits and guinea pigs) Sheep children
1311861001_23 1311861001_24 1311861001_25
Metropolitan Electric Railway Type 6000 car “Ikkyu-san-go Various artworks displayed in the park Cherry blossom viewing in spring

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