Located in Inagi City, Tokyo, Yomiuriland is a very popular spot with attractions for children and adults alike, as well as a swimming pool in summer. Yomiuriland is famous for its many attractions, but it is also famous for its bungee jumping.

Diving from a height of 22 meters is a thrilling experience that always draws crowds and is very popular. The sea lion show is another popular attraction. There are many unusual events, making it a very popular date spot for young couples.

There are also restaurants and ramen shops to enjoy at lunchtime. The barbecue garden is recommended for people going with their families. You can enjoy a barbecue anytime, even in the rain, as there is a roof over the garden.

To get there, get off at Keio Yomiuri Land Station and take the gondola “Sky Shuttle” for 5-10 minutes. Or, get off at Yomiuriland-mae Station and take the Odakyu Bus for 10 minutes. You can also go by car as there is a dedicated parking lot.

Image Credit: Tokyo Navi via tokyo-park.net archive

Park Name (Yomiuri Rand)
Park Address 4015-1 Yanoguchi, Inagi City, Tokyo
Official Site Yomiuri Land
1322561001_02 1322561001_03 1322561001_04
Bandit White Canyon Loop Coaster MOMOnGA
1322561001_05 1322561001_06 1322561001_07
Wan Wan Coaster Wandet Giant Ferris Wheel Giant Sky River
1322561001_08 1322561001_09 1322561001_10
Looping Starship Miracle Doggy Room Crazy Hugh Ston
1322561001_11 1322561001_12 1322561001_13
Bungee Jump Merry-Go-Round Dog Waku Waku Drive
1322561001_14 1322561001_15 1322561001_16
Space Jet Sky Cycle Wave Swinger
1322561001_17 1322561001_18 1322561001_19
Go-Kart Trick art maze “Tam Wanpaku Railway Oliver
1322561001_20 1322561001_21 1322561001_22
Flying Beetle Flying Robo Anpanman playground equipment
1322561001_23 1322561001_24 1322561001_25
Animal Coaster Animal Rescue Haunted House “Yamiro Mura (Dark Spirit Village)
1322561001_26 1322561001_27 1322561001_28
Ultra Q Monster World Play Park Play Park 2
1322561001_29 1322561001_30 1322561001_31
Laser Athletic – Pharaoh’s Trap Event Plaza (Open Theater EAST) Sea lion show
1322561001_32 1322561001_33 1322561001_34
Frog Hopper Classic Cars Battery Cars
1322561001_35 1322561001_36 1322561001_37
Sun Plaza Gondola “Sky Shuttle FIRE DE PARTMENT
1322561001_38 1322561001_39 1322561001_40
Loop (Loop Shop) Rocket Buns Stone House
1322561001_41 1322561001_42 1322561001_43
Goodday Yomiuri Honpo Get’s
1322561001_44 1322561001_45 1322561001_46
Struck Out Struckout Land Dog

Image Credit: Tokyo Navi via tokyo-park.net archive

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