Located in Higashimurayama City, Tokyo, Metropolitan Sayama Park is within the Metropolitan Sayama Nature Park area and is situated on the east side of Lake Tama (Murayama Reservoir).

Within the park, there are many natural landscapes of Musashino’s satoyama, where visitors can enjoy strolling and cycling.

In addition, there is a combination playground equipment and spring playground equipment in Taiyo Hiroba for children to enjoy.

Sayama Park Tama Tokyo
Sayama Park Tama Tokyo
Park Name

Sayama Park
(Toritsu Sayama Kouen)

Park Address 3-17-19 Higashimurayama-shi, Tokyo
Playground equipment Combination playground equipment
Facilities and equipment Cycling course


Sayama Park Tama Tokyo
Sayama Park Tama Tokyo
Sayama Park Tama Tokyo
Sayama Park Tama Tokyo
Combination playground equipment Seesaw Swing set
Swing equipment Screw ladder Iron bar
Park Entrance Park path for cycling Universal parkway
Park Center Flower bed in front of the park center Deck of Takubu Pond (Tacchan Pond)
Lake Tama Levee along Lake Tama Lake Tama Bicycle Path
Nature-rich walking path Park Information Park parking lot (45 spaces)
Oyabashira (parent pillar) on the embankment Drinking water vending machine Park sign

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