Kitamachi Park in Kokubunji City, Tokyo, is a 3,908 square meter park with Tarzan ropes, combination playground equipment, a climbing wall stretching equipment, and a walking path.

The park also has a lawn, benches, and restrooms.

Kitamachi Park
Kitamachi Park
Park Name Kitamachi Park
Park Address 5-24-6 Kitamachi, Kokubunji City, Tokyo
Playground equipment Combination playground equipment, ropeway, swings, slide, stretching equipment
Facilities and equipment Wall climbing
Combination playground equipment (tube slider & mini wall climbing) Ropeway (Tarzan rope) Swings
Slides Kenko Kai Do (health path) Stretching equipment (back stretcher)
Stretching equipment (Twist stool) Stretching equipment (rope) Climbing wall

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