Toyomi Sports Park in Chuo-ku, Tokyo is a waterfront park with a sense of openness.

The park has an excellent view of the Rainbow Bridge and the Fuji Television headquarters building over Tokyo Bay, and the night view can also be enjoyed.

There is also a day campsite within the park, so why not enjoy a barbecue in the open space?

Park Name (Toyomi Undo Kouen)
Park Address 3-19 Toyomi-machi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Playground equipment Slide, swing, spring playground equipment, swing, jungle gym, health playground equipment
Facilities and equipment Barbecue area, tennis court, baseball field
Elephant slide Swing set Wobbling Tire Crossing
Spring playground equipment Jungle gym Slide board
Health playground equipment (stretching bench) Rolling Steps Health playground equipment (Hanging)
Health equipment (armpit stretcher) The park is located along the waterfront (Asashio Canal) Rainbow Bridge seen from the park
Baseball field Tennis court Barbecue area

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