Here are our picks for the best 3 places to enjoy the cherry blossom season in Nerima ward Tokyo.

 Shakujii Park


Surrounded by trees and centered on the northern plateau of Sanboji Pond with its serene atmosphere, approximately 170 Someiyoshino cherry trees and 70 yamazakura cherry trees are planted, and together with 140 kobushi (Japanese pepper) trees, they make a magnificent display of flowers. Even after the cherry blossoms are over, visitors can enjoy the kakitsubata and water lilies that add color to the surface of the water.

Toshimaen Garden

This amusement park has a long history, having opened in 1926. The amusement park has about 500 cherry trees planted in the park, and visitors can enjoy cherry blossom viewing while strolling around the park or from one of the amusement park’s unique attractions.

Hikarigaoka Park


Located in Nerima Ward (partly Itabashi Ward), this is a metropolitan park with rich nature and sports facilities. The total area of the park is approximately 60 hectares, of which more than one-tenth (6 hectares) is a vast lawn with approximately 1,100 Someiyoshino and yamazakura cherry trees planted around it. The weeping cherry trees are also famous for their beauty, although in smaller numbers.

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