Wakakagusa Park in Ome City, Tokyo, is a park with a full lineup of playground equipment for children, including combination playground equipment, ropeways, stretch equipment, etc.

There are five different types of swings for different ages (full bucket type, shoulder support type, etc.) and types. The park also has a baseball field, a swimming pool for children, and a jogging/walking course.

Wakagusa Park Ome
Wakagusa Park Ome

Parking lots are located on the south and east sides of the park.

Park Name Wakagusa Park
Park Address 8-14-3 Kawabe-cho, Ome-shi, Tokyo
Playground equipment Combination playground equipment, iron bars, swings, ropeway, seesaw, stretch playground equipment
Facilities Basketball goal, jogging course, Wakagusa Park children’s pool
Combination Playground Equipment Combination playground equipment (for toddlers) Slide (elephant)
Ropeway Jungle gym Iron bar
Swing set Shoulder support swings (for toddlers) Swing set
Full bucket swing (for toddlers) Seesaw Jungle gym
Stretch playground equipment Dragon Rides Tire playground equipment
Jogging track Basketball goal Baseball field
Wakakagusa Park Children’s Pool Parking lot (east side) Parking Lot Map
Restrooms Wooded area in the park Fountain (near the main gate entrance)

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