Nishi-Tokyo Ikoinomori Park in Nishi-Tokyo City, Tokyo, is a park with a mini-soccer field, basketball court, skateboarding field, and jogging course. In addition, there is a large lawn area and a playground for children.

The park is rich in nature and has a very pleasant, open feeling.

Park Name West Tokyo Ikoinomori Park
Park Address 3-2-5 Midorimachi, Nishitokyo-shi, Tokyo
Playground equipment Spring playground equipment, net climbs, combination playground equipment, log steps
Facilities and equipment Basketball, skateboard, jogging course, water playground, barbecue area
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Combination Playground Equipment Net Climb Jogging course
1322901001_06 1322901001_07
Skateboarding field Mini soccer field Basketball court
1322901001_08-2 1322901001_09 1322901001_10
Water playground Lawn square Nature observation pond
1322901001_11 1322901001_12 1322901001_13
Forest friends Benches Parking lot
1322901001_15 1322901001_16
Administration Building & Seminar Square Cherry blossoms in spring! Park Guide Map

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