Shiroyamate Maple Park in Hachioji City, Tokyo, is a park with children’s playground equipment such as iron bars and spring playground equipment, and two basketball goals.

The park is surrounded by trees and lush greenery and there are benches, tables, and other rest facilities, so its the perfect place to pack your lunch and have a relaxing picnic?

Please note that there is no parking lot.

Image Credit: Tokyo Navi via archive
Park Name Shiroyamate Momiji Park
(Shiroyama Te-Momiji Kouen)
Park Address 2-1095-536 Shiroyamate, Hachioji City, Tokyo
Playground equipment Iron bars. Spring playground equipment (2 units)
Facilities and equipment Basketball goal
Iron bar Spring playground equipment (dolphins) Spring playground equipment (horses)
Bokan tunnel and sandbox Basketball goal (2 units) Rest area
Square surrounded by trees Square where playground equipment will be set up Park sign

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