Tsukuda Park is located in Chuo-ku, Tokyo, and is equipped with a variety of playground equipment for children, as well as a health path where adults can enjoy foot massages.

Tsukuda Park is located along the Sumida River between the Tsukuda Ohashi Bridge and the Chuo Ohashi Bridge. There are terraces along the river where people can enjoy fishing, walking, jogging, and walking with their dogs.

Park Name Tsukuda Park
Park Address 1-11-4 Tsukuda, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Playground equipment Slide, swing, spring playground equipment, iron bars, athletic equipment, health path
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Slide Swings Iron bars
1310201007_05 1310201007_06 1310201007_07
Spring playground equipment (bike) Spring playground equipment (two-seater) Jungle gym
1310201007_08 1310201007_09 1310201007_10
House-type playground equipment Health path (foot massage) Art-type playground equipment
1310201007_11 1310201007_12 1310201007_13
Athletic equipment (wall climbing) Athletic equipment (log climbing) Athletic playground equipment (log climbing)
1310201007_14 1310201007_15 1310201007_16
Lighthouse Chuo Ohashi Bridge (Sumida River) Tsukuda Ohashi Bridge (Sumida River)
1310201007_17-2 1310201007_18-1 1310201007_19
Sumida River Tokyo Sky Tree seen from the terrace of Tsukuda Park Houseboats coming and going on the Sumida River
1310201007_20 1310201007_21 1310201007_22
People enjoying fishing Terrace Tsukudobori Square & Tsukudukubashi Bridge
1310201007_23 1310201007_24 1310201007_25
Fountain Waterway Pond
1310201007_26 1310201007_27 1310201007_28
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