*Please note that Toshimaen Amusement Park is now permanently closed.

Toshimaen (Toshima-en) in Nerima-ku, Tokyo is an amusement park where visitors can enjoy various activities.

There is the Toshimaen Forrest Insectarium recommended for nature and insect lovers, arcade games that can be played even on rainy days, “Super Fishing Toshimaen” where you can enjoy fishing casually, and an outdoor ice skating rink during the winter season. There is such a wide variety of attractions alone.

During the summer, visitors can also play in the swimming pool facility, which is crowded with many people during the season.

There is also a wide variety of dining and shopping facilities. There are family restaurants and restaurants specializing in curry where you can enjoy authentic curry, making dining at the amusement park even more enjoyable.

The amusement park also holds events such as the standard amusement park hero show on an irregular basis. In addition to these standard shows, the park also holds seasonal events that are typical of the rich natural environment of Toshimaen.

Because Toshimaen offers such a wide variety of features, visitors come from a wide range of age groups. Families, couples, friends, and even older couples and groups can enjoy the park.

Park Name(Toshimaen)
Park Address3-25-1 Mukoyama, Nerima-ku, Tokyo
Official SiteToshimaen
Roller Coaster CycloneMini Cyclone
PiratesFlying Carpet
Model TrainCarousel Eldorado
Anpanman Happy SkyAir Slider
Animal CupFlume Ride
Euro 2006Auto Scooter
Mini Flume RideFluff Land
Haunted HouseFrog Hopper
Mystery ZoneAir Trampoline
Perfect BasketPerfect Tennis
Dog ParkPanda Rides

The Toshimaen Cherry Blossom Festival can be enjoyed from late March to early April, from daytime cherry blossom viewing to illuminated nighttime cherry blossom viewing, so why not visit during this season as well?

Toshimaen’s winter illumination is held from winter to spring. During the cherry blossom season, you can enjoy the illumination and the cherry blossoms lit up at the same time.

Image Credit: Tokyo Navi via tokyo-park.net archive

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