Tokyo’s Setogaya ward is lucky to have a number of fantastic public parks and recreational and sporting facilities. Here is Tokyo Park’s guide to the best public parks in Setagaya ward, Tokyo.

Komazawa Olympic Park

Komazawa Olympic Park, which straddles Setagaya and Meguro wards, is one of the most comprehensive sports grounds in Tokyo where outdoor sports can be enjoyed. There are 12 sports facilities, including a gymnasium, on the 41.3 ha site, and both individuals and groups can fully enjoy sports at the 1st and 2nd ball fields, hardball and softball fields, an outdoor swimming pool, tennis courts, and an archery range.

Setagaya Park

Located in Setagaya Ward, this park is famous for its “mini SL” train. There is also a baseball field and tennis courts, but what makes this park unique are the “mini SL” and the play park. The “mini SL” used to be a steam locomotive powered by a coal-fired steam engine, but it was electrified in 2005 due to environmental concerns.

Okura Sports Park

This is an athletic park adjacent to Kinuta Park in Setagaya Ward. It has a gymnasium, athletic field, baseball field, tennis courts, heated swimming pool, archery range, and other sports facilities. The heated swimming pool is especially beautiful and well-equipped, with a full-scale pool, a Jacuzzi to relieve fatigue, and even a toddler’s pool.


Kinuta Park

Located in Setagaya Ward, this metropolitan park is famous for its lawn and cherry blossoms under the theme of “a park that can be enjoyed by the whole family. The park’s history dates back to wartime, when it was designated as an urban planning project in 1940 to commemorate the 2600th anniversary of the end of World War II.

Soshigaya Park

Located in Setagaya Ward, this metropolitan park stretches on both sides of the Senkawa River, which runs north-south through the park, and is still being developed little by little. On the east side of the Senkawa River, there are active facilities such as tennis courts, an athletic field, and a playground, while the west side is a walking area full of greenery, including fields and the Fureai-no-mori forest, where there are many trees and flowers to see.

Roka Park

The former residence of Tokutomi Roka, a great writer active from the Meiji to Taisho periods, was donated to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and turned into a park, which can still be seen today. The Roka Memorial Museum is also located here, and visitors can learn about the lifestyle of Roka when he was writing. The bamboo grove of moussochiku trees is also tasteful and reminds us of the Musashino area.

Hanegi Park

This Setagaya Ward park is famous for its beautiful ume plum blossoms. The entire park is a small hill, with a plum grove spreading mainly on the southern slope, where more than 650 plum trees of more than 60 varieties are planted. The beautiful blossoms bloom during the February season, when the ume trees are at their best, and the Setagaya Ume Festival is held around that time.

Sakura Minna Park

Sakura Minna no Koen is a park where various sports can be enjoyed with basketball and soccer goals. The park is surrounded by a fence. The park is surrounded by a residential area, and ball games such as basketball and soccer are prohibited between 6 p.m. and 9 a.m., so please be careful about the time.

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