This park is located on the roof of Morigasaki Water Reclamation Center in Ota Ward. In the park, there are many trees in the strolling area and a Japanese garden.

There is an athletic square and a free space, and the athletic square provides a good practice area for local soccer teams and elementary and junior high school students.

The free space is quite open due to its rooftop location, and families are welcome to come and let their children play freely. There is also an observatory from which you can see Showa Island, Haneda Airport, and the Kawasaki area.

There are also tennis courts and athletic playground equipment, so it is a good place for a picnic with a nice view while exercising a little. There is also Furusato no Hamabe Park nearby, so it may be a good idea to use this parking lot to enjoy both parks.

Park Name (Morigorisaki Park)
Park Address 5 Omoriminami, Ota-ku, Tokyo
Playground equipment Athletic playground equipment (10 points), ropeway, step playground equipment, swings
Facilities and equipment Basketball goal, Tennis court
1311101011_02 1311101011_03 1311101011_04
Athletic playground equipment (log wall) Athletic equipment (combination) Athletic equipment (Net Climb)
1311101011_05 1311101011_06 1311101011_07
Athletic equipment (dangling rope walk) Athletic equipment (Rope crossing) Athletic equipment (Log walk)
1311101011_08 1311101011_09 1311101011_10
Athletic equipment (Log suspension bridge) Athletic equipment (Log suspension bridge) Athletic equipment (suspension bridge)
1311101011_11 1311101011_12 1311101011_13
Jumping platform? Swing set Ropeway
1311101011_14 1311101011_15 1311101011_16
Step playground equipment Fountain square Colorful benches
1311101011_17 1311101011_18 1311101011_19-1
Observation deck Tennis court Basketball goal
1311101011_20 1311101011_21 1311101011_22
Landscape of the park Bargola Park Information Board

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