Ochiai Park is located in Nakai, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, just between Kamitakada and Nakai stations along the Seibu Shinjuku Line. The park is located between the Seibu Line tracks and the Myoshoji River, and is a place of relaxation with lots of greenery and water areas.

There is a large grass plaza and a ball game facility with basketball goals covered with nets for ball games without hesitation. In addition, there is a dog run, which is rare for a municipal park, with an area of approximately 700 m2, making it a popular playground spot for dog owners.

There is also a playground with a roller slide and a Tarzan rope, making it a popular recreational spot for local residents, including parents and children.

Park Name Ochiai Park
Park Address 1-14 Nakai, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Facilities and equipment Basketball court, dog run, climbing wall
1310401010_02 1310401010_03-2 1310401010_04
Combination Playground Equipment Combination playground equipment Ropeway
1310401010_05 1310401010_06-1 1310401010_07
Wobbling ball crossing Squishy balance board Spinning playground equipment
1310401010_08 1310401010_09 1310401010_10
Climbing Wall (Slope type) Climbing wall (vertical) Basketball goal
1310401010_11 1310401010_12 1310401010_13-1
Dog run Water fountain in the park Park signage

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