This is the first municipal seaside park in Tokyo, located at the very address of “Furusato no Hamabe Koen 1-1, Ota-ku, Tokyo”.

It is a simple park where local residents can casually enjoy the seaside with a little nostalgic atmosphere in a place where they can enjoy the scenery of the sea, including a 400-m-long artificial sandy beach, artificial mud flats, and a fishing beach.

Omori Furusato no Hamabe Park
Omori Furusato no Hamabe Park

Unfortunately, swimming and other activities are not allowed, so it is a good place to take a walk along the seashore while feeling the scent of the tide.

There is a facility where visitors can learn about the history of Omori, where seaweed used to be cultivated. The “Omori Nori no Furusato Kan” facility is located on the north side of the park, as well as nori-related pictures on the Hamabe Bridge that connects the two plazas of the park, so families and students can get in touch with the study of Omori’s history together.

Omori Furusato no Hamabe Park
Omori Furusato no Hamabe Park

In the vicinity of the park, the Heiwa-no-mori Park is adjacent to the park just to the north, so you may want to take a tour of the park.

Park Name Omori Furusato no Hamabe Park
Park Address 1-1 Furusato no Hamabe Koen, Ota-ku, Tokyo
Playground equipment Long roller slide, combination playground equipment, spring playground equipment
Facilities and equipment Omori Nori no Furusato Kan
Long roller slide Combination playground equipment Spring playground equipment
Covered benches along the artificial beach Bargola along the artificial beach rocky beach
Artificial sand beach Fishing along the beach Promenade
Omori Nori no Furusato Kan Lawn square Park Guide Map

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