Located across Chofu, Koganei, and Mitaka cities, Nogawa Park has the Higashi-Hachi Road running through the park and the Nogawa River flowing through it. The park used to be a golf course of International Christian University, so it has a very grassy lawn.

Nogawa Park Chofu Tokyo

The north side of the Nogawa River remains rich in nature and is used as a nature observation garden.

The river terrace “Kokubunji Cliff Line” was created by the Tama River cutting the Musashino plateau, and groundwater gushes out from under this cliff.

Heading north, you will find the Firefly Village and Bird Sanctuary, so please take the whole family to explore the park full of nature.

Insect catching at Nogawa Park in Chofu Tokyo

On the south side of the Nogawa River, there is a large lawn, a remnant of a golf course, where you can have a relaxing picnic.

Cherry blossoms in Nogawa Park bloom beautifully in spring, so the park is full of nature throughout the year.

Musashino Forest Park is just to the south and Musashino Park is just to the northwest of the park, so it might be a good idea to stop by all of them for a nature-filled park tour.

Nogawa Park Chofu Tokyo

Park Name Nogawa Park
Park Address Nomizu 1-chome and 2-chome, Chofu City, Tokyo; Higashimachi 1-chome, Koganei City; Osawa 2-chome, 3-chome and 6-chome, Mitaka City
Playground equipment Combination playground equipment, spring playground equipment, seesaw, ropeway, athletic equipment, health playground equipment
Facilities and equipment Nature observation garden, tennis court, tennis wall, youth campsite, barbecue area, water playground, store
Combination Playground Equipment Seesaw Ropeway
Athletic equipment (log climbing) Athletic equipment (ladder) Athletic equipment (net climbing)
Health playground equipment Tennis court Tennis wall
Concession stand Rest area Water playground
lawn square Streams of water Juvenile camp plaza
Promenade Parking lot Firefly Pond
Bird Sanctuary Nature Park Map Guide Map of the Park

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