Kitashikahama Park, also known as Kitashikahama Traffic Park, is located in Adachi-ku, Tokyo. The park is a place for families to enjoy together, and a real SL train is displayed near the entrance.

Kitashikahama Park has a well-maintained course where visitors can learn the rules of the road while enjoying riding in a foot pedal go-cart or an electric car. There is also a unicycle training area, ideal for children who want to practice riding unicycles in earnest.

For families, we recommend the mini-train that circles the park. The mini-train allows visitors to enjoy the scenery of the park at a leisurely pace. Especially during the cherry blossom season, the train ride through the tunnel of flowers is very pleasant.

In addition, there is a basketball goal that basketball lovers should not miss and a cherry blossom plaza perfect for picnics, making the park a place where you can enjoy various activities from sports to refreshments.

Park Name ´╝łKitashikahama Park)
Park Address 3-26 Shikahama, Adachi-ku, Tokyo
Playground equipment Slide, swings, iron bars, ropeway, spring playground equipment, stretching equipment
Facilities and equipment Basketball goal, steam locomotive exhibition, water playground
1312101003_02 1312101003_03 1312101003_04
Octopus Slider Swings (for toddlers) Swing set
1312101003_05 1312101003_06 1312101003_07
Ropeway Iron bars Spring playground equipment
1312101003_08 1312101003_10
Stretching equipment (back stretching bench) Stretching bench Stretching equipment (twist)
1312101003_11 1312101003_12 1312101003_13
Stretching apparatus (suspension ring) Stretching apparatus (rope climbing) Stretching apparatus (hanging)
1312101003_14 1312101003_15 1312101003_16
Stretching equipment (abdominal bench) Steam locomotive exhibit Mini train
1312101003_17 1312101003_18 1312101003_19
Bicycle rental Battery cars Go-carts
1312101003_20 1312101003_21 1312101003_22
Tricycle Rides Unicycle Rides Fire truck display
1312101003_23 1312101003_24 1312101003_25
Basketball facility Youth baseball field Water playground
1312101003_26 1312101003_27 1312101003_28
Mini diorama Exhibition facilities Indoor Facilities (Library Corner)
1312101003_29 1312101003_30 1312101003_31
Exhibition Room & Reception Parking Lot Park Map

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