Kitashikahama Park, also known as Kitashikahama Traffic Park, is located in Adachi-ku, Tokyo. The park is a place for families to enjoy together, and a real SL train is displayed near the entrance.

Kitashikahama Park has a well-maintained course where visitors can learn the rules of the road while enjoying riding in a foot pedal go-cart or an electric car. There is also a unicycle training area, ideal for children who want to practice riding unicycles in earnest.

For families, we recommend the mini-train that circles the park. The mini-train allows visitors to enjoy the scenery of the park at a leisurely pace. Especially during the cherry blossom season, the train ride through the tunnel of flowers is very pleasant.

In addition, there is a basketball goal that basketball lovers should not miss and a cherry blossom plaza perfect for picnics, making the park a place where you can enjoy various activities from sports to refreshments.

Park Name (Kitashikahama Park)
Park Address 3-26 Shikahama, Adachi-ku, Tokyo
Playground equipment Slide, swings, iron bars, ropeway, spring playground equipment, stretching equipment
Facilities and equipment Basketball goal, steam locomotive exhibition, water playground
Octopus Slider Swings (for toddlers) Swing set
Ropeway Iron bars Spring playground equipment
Stretching equipment (back stretching bench) Stretching bench Stretching equipment (twist)
Stretching apparatus (suspension ring) Stretching apparatus (rope climbing) Stretching apparatus (hanging)
Stretching equipment (abdominal bench) Steam locomotive exhibit Mini train
Bicycle rental Battery cars Go-carts
Tricycle Rides Unicycle Rides Fire truck display
Basketball facility Youth baseball field Water playground
Mini diorama Exhibition facilities Indoor Facilities (Library Corner)
Exhibition Room & Reception Parking Lot Park Map

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