A metropolitan park stretching from Nerima Ward to Itabashi Ward, it is the largest comprehensive park in the Johoku area. On the undulating grounds along the Shakujii River, there are a full range of sports facilities including an athletic field, baseball field, and tennis field, where visitors can enjoy sports amidst the greenery of the trees.

Like Kinuta Park in Setagaya Ward, it is a place where land originally used as air defense green space was developed into a park.

The park has about 9,000 zelkova, ginkgo, cherry, and other trees, and is a perfect place for families and friends to stroll together, enjoying the cherry blossoms in spring and the rows of ginkgo trees in autumn, and the various scenery that changes with the seasons. It is also one of the six domestic cultivation sites for eucalyptus, which is used as food for koalas.

The area is also home to the ruins of Shigero and Kurihara, which date back to the Paleolithic period, and may provide visitors with a glimpse into the history of the area.

The surrounding area is dotted with vast parks to enjoy, such as Toshimaen Park and Hikarigaoka Park.

Johoku Chuo Park Nerima

Park Name 城北中央公園
Park Address 1-3-1 Hikawa-dai, Nerima-ku, Tokyo
Playground equipment Slide, swing, climbing rope, jungle gym, ladder, iron bar, spring playground equipment
Facilities and equipment Baseball field, softball field, tennis court, gateball field, athletic field, dog run, basketball goal, futsal court, jogging course, invisible reservoir
Elephant slide (Wakuwaku Hiroba) Swing set (for 4 people) Xile climbing
Mountain slide Jungle gym Swing (for 2 people)
Baseball field Tennis court Athletic field
Pond for everyone Bargola Parking lot
Kurihara Ruins Pit Dwelling Ruins Garden of Healing Guide map of the park
Futsal court (1 court) Basketball goals (2) *Inside futsal court Jogging course (Course A: 1,530 m, Course B: 870 m)
Tennis wall (1 tennis court) *Installed in the futsal court Dog run Children’s plaza (elementary school students)
Autumn foliage to enjoy in the park Healing effect with green trees Blue sky seen from inside the park

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