This is an athletic park located in Higashiyamato City at the northern tip of Tokyo. The park which is named Higashiyamato Minami Park (Higashimoto South Park)  covers an area of about 10 hectares and is equipped with a number of sports facilities, including an athletic field, baseball field, tennis courts, gateball field, gymnasium, and eventually a swimming pool.

The Jabu-Jabu Pond and waterfront area on the south side of the park are suitable for water play, and in the fall, the beech trees in the park bear acorns, and neighbors enjoy picking acorns.

At first glance, the park looks like an ordinary park with full of facilities, but it was once used as an electric substation of Hitachi Aircraft Corporation’s Tachikawa Works, which was wrecked by the war and returned to the U.S. military after the war.

The main factory was lost, but the substation building attached to it escaped collapse despite being hit by bullets, and was used as a substation after the war until 1993.

The Tamagawa Josui Ryokuchi Nikkobashi Park, which is famous for its cherry blossoms and walking spots, runs through the neighborhood, so if you have time, it’s worthwhile visiting both parks.

Park Name Higashiyamato Minami Park
(Higashi Yamato Minami Kouen)
Park Address 2 and 3 Sakuragaoka, Higashiyamato City, Tokyo
Facilities and equipment Baseball field, tennis court, track and field, gate ball field, swimming pool, water playground
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Tennis court Baseball field Athletic field
1322001001_05 1322001001_06 1322001001_07
Water playground Jogging course Promenade
1322001001_08 1322001001_09-2 1322001001_10
Higashiyamato Civic Gymnasium Management Office Park Guide Map
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Substation facilities at Tachikawa Works, Hitachi Aircraft Co. Substation facilities at Tachikawa Works, Hitachi Aircraft Co. Substation facilities at Tachikawa Works, Hitachi Aircraft Co.

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