Nakane Park, located in Meguro-ku, Tokyo, is an 8271.10 square meter park that opened in 1971. The park is equipped with a long slide popular among children, combination playground equipment, wooden athletic equipment, and a water playground.

Access to the park is a 10-minute walk from Toritsu Daigaku Station on the Tokyu Toyoko Line.

Image Credit: Tokyo Navi via archive

Park Name Nakane Park
Park Address 2-6-33 Nakane, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Playground equipment Long slide, combination playground equipment, swing equipment bars, wooden athletic equipment
Facilities Long slide, water playground
1311001003_02 1311001003_03 1311001003_04
Combination playground equipment Long slide Swing playground equipment (koala)
1311001003_05 1311001003_06 1311001003_07
Iron bars Wooden athletic equipment Water playground
1311001003_08 1311001003_09-1 1311001003_10-1
Clock tower Objects to be installed in the park (leaning wings) Entrance to the park
1311001003_11 1311001003_12 1311001003_13
Plaza Drinking water vending machine Park road

Image Credit: Tokyo Navi via archive

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