Kitanomaru Park Sometimes referred to as Kitanomaru Garden is adjacent to the Imperial Palace in Chiyoda-ku. The park is named after this location, which was “Kitanomaru” of Edo Castle.

It is a forest park with a large pond and bright lawn in the center, around which various trees are planted, and boasts a total area of approximately 19 hectares.

The east-west walking paths allow visitors to enjoy nature in each of the four seasons, and in spring, together with Chidorigafuchi on the west side of the park, it is an excellent hanami viewing spot.

In summer, the greenery is extremely beautiful, and in autumn, the autumn leaves of ginkgo and maple trees provide a pleasant walking companion. There is also a green adventure course where you can take a stroll while guessing the names of typical trees.

The Science Museum, the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, and the Nippon Budokan are also located here, so you can enjoy not only nature but also culture and art.

In the surrounding area, as mentioned above, there are famous cherry blossom viewing spots such as Chidorigafuchi in the immediate vicinity, and the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace and the Outer Gardens of the Imperial Palace are also scattered around the area.

Cherry Blossom Tokyo
Cherry Blossom Tokyo
Park Name Kitamaru Park
Park Address 1-1 Kitanomaru Koen, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Facilities Nippon Budokan, Science Museum, National Museum of Modern Art
Nippon Budokan Restaurant facilities Kitanomaru Rest Area
View of the park Grass plaza Park entrance sign
Science Museum The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo Park Guide Map

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