Fujimi Park in Hamura City, Tokyo, is a park with athletic facilities such as an athletic field, softball field, jogging track, roller skating rink, and tennis courts.

In addition, the park is also equipped with children’s playground equipment such as combination playground equipment and swing balls, and over 10 types of stretching equipment.

Image Credit: Tokyo Navi via tokyo-park.net archive

Park Name (Fujimi Park)
Park Address 4-11 Midorigaoka, Hamura City, Tokyo
Playground equipment Combination playground equipment, swing ball, swings, stretching equipment
Facilities and equipment Tennis court, jogging course, softball field, roller skating rink
Slides Swing ball Swing sets
Spring playground equipment Jungle gym Climbing equipment
Iron bars Stretch playground equipment (lumbar back extensors) Stretch Playground Equipment (Comfortable Abdominal Stretcher)
Stretching equipment (Ken-Shin-Pillar) Stretch equipment (Taijiquan-Yun Te) Stretch equipment (Taijiquan – Thrusting hand)
Stretch equipment (Waist-twister) Stretch equipment (Leg and hip rotary board) Stretch equipment (Rolling board)
Stretch playground equipment (iron bar) Stretch playground equipment (Parallel bars) Stretch playground equipment (multi-functional training machine)
Stretch equipment (jumping gym) Stretch equipment (Lumbar stretcher) Stretch Playground Equipment (Waist and Thigh Workout Equipment)
Stretch equipment (upper limb exerciser) Stretch equipment (back stretcher) Stretching equipment (abdominal muscle stand)
Athletic field Softball field Tennis courts (5 courts)
Jogging course Roller skating rink Clubhouse
Parking lot Park signage Park Information Map

Image Credit: Tokyo Navi via tokyo-park.net archive

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