If you are looking for a park in Nerima ward the good news is that you have plenty of options for parks and sports areas. Here’s our pick for the best barks in Nerima ward Tokyo.

Shakujii Park


This metropolitan park is home to Sanboji Pond, known as one of the three largest spring-fed ponds in Musashino. Unfortunately, the pond has been filled with well water due to a decrease in water volume, but valuable aquatic plants and many trees have been preserved, leaving a beautiful landscape.

Hikarigaoka Park

Located in Nerima Ward and partly in Itabashi Ward, this is the largest comprehensive metropolitan park in Nerima Ward. The park was originally planned as a large green space to commemorate the 2600th anniversary of the birth of Japan in 1940, and after serving as an airfield during the war and under the control of the U.S. military, it is now maintained as a park adjacent to the Hikarigaoka complex, one of the most prominent parks in Tokyo.

Oizumi Central Park

Located in Nerima Ward, this metropolitan park was developed on approximately 10 ha of land that was originally used as a golf course. At the park’s western entrance is a water plaza built with the name of Oizumi in mind, with a large fountain and monument welcoming visitors.

Oizumi Sakura Athletic Park

Oizumi Sakura Undo Koen is located in Nerima Ward, Tokyo, adjacent to Oizumi Naka Park and Wako Jyurin Park. The park has a multipurpose sports field that can be used as a soccer field, a grass field, and an outdoor cooking plaza. The outdoor cooking plaza allows visitors to enjoy barbeques.

Johoku Central Park

This metropolitan park stretches from Nerima Ward to Itabashi Ward and is the largest comprehensive park in the Johoku area. On the undulating grounds along the Shakujii River, there are a variety of sports facilities including an athletic field, baseball field, and tennis field, where visitors can enjoy sports amidst the greenery of the trees. Like Kinuta Park in Setagaya Ward, it is a place where land originally used as air defense green space was developed into a park.

Summer Cloud Park

Natsu no Kumo Koen (Summer Cloud Park) in Tokyo’s Nerima Ward is a park consisting of a wanpaku hiroba, sun hiroba, nobi no hiroba, sports square, jabujabu pond, and tennis courts. The park is equipped with a ropeway, combination playground equipment for children, and health and fitness equipment for adults as well.

Musaraseki Park

Musanoseki Park is a park with a long history and is thick with natural trees that symbolize the Musashino area. The park has a boat launch and walking trails, so why not enjoy the nature along with Fujimi Pond? Access to the park is about a 5-minute walk from Higashifushimi Station on the Seibu Shinjuku Line, or about a 10-minute walk from Musorozeki Station.

Oizumihashido Park

Hashido Park is located in Nerima Ward, Tokyo, near the Oizumi Interchange on the Kan-Etsu (Gaikan) Expressway in Oizumi-cho, Nerima Ward, and is a relatively new park that opened in 2004.

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