Showa Park

Located in Akishima City, Tokyo, Showa Park faces Fukushima Street and Okutama Kaido Road. In addition to sports facilities such as a baseball field, soccer field, tennis courts, track and field, and running course, the park has a small zoo and steam locomotive exhibit. The park also has a variety of playground equipment for children, including slides, jungle gyms, and spring playground equipment.

Akishima Eco Park

Akishima City Eco Park is located next to the Environmental Community Center and is divided into a field zone, a sports zone, a green nurturing zone, a green recycling zone, and a dog run field. The park is divided into a field zone, sports zone, green nurturing zone, green recycling zone, and dog run field. The sports zone is equipped with large combination playground equipment, basketball goals, soccer goals, and other equipment.

Miboricho 4-chome Park

Mihoricho 4-chome Park in Akishima City, Tokyo, is a park adjacent to the Akishima City Mihori Gymnasium and is equipped with children’s playground equipment such as combination playground equipment and spring playground equipment. There is also a basketball goal in the center of the park where children can practice shooting.

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