This is one of the largest and most natural comprehensive parks in Tokyo, which is still being developed in Adachi-ku. The final plan calls for the park to be 69.5 ha in size, with 61.2 ha currently open.

The park is full of natural environment, and the large pond on the northeast side of the park is home to toads and reeds, as well as many birds such as the Japanese mallard duck, and a variety of fish and insects.

A wooden path around the pond is surrounded by a field of gingerbread, which blooms elegantly in early summer, and the view from the path is exhilarating.

The area around the small pond in the southeast of the park is also lush with trees, making it suitable for forest bathing and bird watching. The park is full of nature and ideal for a stroll with family or friends.

There is a snack stand in the park, but it is also a good idea to bring something to eat, such as a sandwich. The area is surrounded by Adachi Ward, which is home to many temples and shrines, including Nishiarai Daishi.


Image Credit: Tokyo Navi via archive

Park Name Toneri Park
Park Address 1-1 Toneri Koen, Adachi-ku, Tokyo
Playground equipment Combination playground equipment, climbing rope, net climbing, rock climbing, health playground equipment
Facilities and equipment Baseball field, tennis courts, sledding slope, dog run, fishing area, camping ground, barbecue area, water playground, jogging course, bird sanctuary
Zile Climbing Combination playground equipment Net climbing
Fitness Plaza (health playground equipment) Fitness square (rock climbing) Grass slope
Tennis court Baseball field Camping ground
Barbecue area Dog run Playground
Lawn square Bird Sanctuary Tajino-en Station
Jabu Jabu Pond Floating Pond Fishing ground

Image Credit: Tokyo Navi via archive

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