Kameido Ryokudo Park was built on the site of a former dedicated Metropolitan Electric Railway track.

When the Tokyo Toden, The company responsible for running all the trams in Tokyo was abolished in 1972, the section from Keiyo Road Suijinmori to Kengawa Humanitarian Bridge of the dedicated track of the 29 and 38 lines was called Kameido Ryokudo Park.

In the park, there are monuments in memory of the Toden and a pole with a sign that reminds us of the tracks.

Kameido Ryokudo Park
Kameido Ryokudo Park

Kameido Ryokudo Park Information

NameKameido Ryokudo Park
AddressNear Kameido 6-chome, Koto-ku, Tokyo

How To Get To Kameido Ryokudo Park

5 minutes walk from East Exit of Kameido Station on JR Sobu Line

Where is Kameido Ryokudo Park?

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