Ome Railway Park in Ome City, Tokyo, was opened by the former Japan National Railways in 1962 to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the railroad’s opening.

In the park, steam locomotives, old trains, Shinkansen bullet trains, and various other actual rolling stock are on display. Visitors can also enjoy various railroad experiences such as exhibits of railway-related materials, railroad simulation, and mini SL (miniature steam locomotive) operations.

Park Name (Ohme Tetsudo Kouen)
Park Address 2-155 Katsunuma, Ome City, Tokyo
Official Site Ome Railway Park
C11 type tank steam locomotive (C111) E10 type tank steam locomotive (No. E102) Type 2120 tank steam locomotive (No. 2221)
Type 8620 tender steam locomotive (No.8620) Model 9600 tender steam locomotive (No.9608) Type 110 class tank steam locomotive (No.110)
D51 class tender steam locomotive (D51 No.452) 5500 class tender steam locomotive (No.5540) Hands-on training farm
Shinkansen Type 22 Shinkansen Type 22 driver’s seat Shinkansen Type 22 seat
Mini SL “Benkei Ampanman locomotive Locomotive Thomas
Railroad diorama Operation simulator (Tokaido Line simulator Fujisawa to Kokufujin) Mass-control operation (Series 205 Keiyo Line)
Entrance to the park Kiosk Rooftop observation floor
Head mark and commemorative photo stand Railroad panel display Model train exhibit
Miniature train (outdoor boarding area) Shinkansen boarding area (indoor) Shinkansen boarding area in Kodomo-no-kuni (outdoor)

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