The Honjo Matsuzakacho Park is the former site of Lord Kira’s residence and the place where Ako Roshi avenged Kira Kozukenosuke’s lord Asano Takumi no kami. This is known as the Genroku Akō incident.

Kira Residence Ruins
Kira Residence Ruins

The 47 Ronin and one of the most famous stories in Japan.

Not much remains today of the original building, there is however the “head washing well” where Ako Roshi is said to have washed Kira’s head before placing it on his master’s grave.

Honjo Matsusaka cho Park Kira Residence
Honjo Matsusaka cho Park Kira Residence


nameKira Residence Ruins (Honjo Matsuzakacho Park)
address3-13-9 Ryogoku, Sumida-ku, Tokyo

How To Get To Lord Kira’s Former Residence

  • 8-minute walk from Sobu Line Local Train Koku Station West Exit
  • Or a 10-minute walk from Toei Oedo Line, Ryogoku Station Exit A4

Where is Lord Kira’s Residence

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