Here, two parks are located adjacent to each other at the intersection of Yokojuma River and Sendaihori River in Koto Ward. Yokojukkengawa Water Park is maintained under the theme of “Waterfront for Ward Residents,” and has a 1.9 km long, 5.1 ha wide water surface with facilities such as a boat rental facility and a water athletic facility.

Sendai Horikawa Park was developed under the theme of “Forest for Ward Citizens,” and is the largest waterfront park in Tokyo with a 3.7 km length and 10.4 ha area. It has seven unique forests, including the Fureai Forest and the Fruit Forest, and rows of cherry trees.

The two parks are quite large and intersect each other, so it is a bit far to walk around the parks. There is a bicycle path and a series of greenway parks in the neighborhood, so families can bring their bicycles and enjoy cycling.

The area is also rich in greenery, with Minamisuna Greenway Park and the Museum of Contemporary Art in the vicinity.

It is ideal for picnics with a packed lunch, viewing cherry blossoms in spring, and playing in the water in summer.

Image Credit: Tokyo Navi via archive

Park Name Yokojukkengawa Water Park
Park Address 1 Kitasuna, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Playground equipment Athletic facilities on the water, ropeway
Facilities and equipment Boat launch, water playground
1310801001_02-1 1310801001_03-2 1310801001_04
Ropeway Water Riders Rafting on the water
1310801001_05-2 1310801001_06 1310801001_07
Swings & Parallel Bars Boats Iris Garden
1310801001_08 1310801001_09 1310801001_10
View of Sky Tree from the park Leisurely boat ride on the water Promenade
1310801001_11 1310801001_12 1310801001_13
Resting bench Koto Ward residents’ rice field school Waterwheel

Image Credit: Tokyo Navi via archive

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