The impressive Ojima Komatsugawa Park straddles Edogawa and Koto wards.

It was established by the urban redevelopment project for disaster prevention in the Koto area, and as the eastern edge of the Koto Delta area, it serves as an evacuation plaza in case of disaster.

On the west side across the old Nakagawa River, there are sports facilities such as a baseball field and “Wanzaka Plaza,” and on the east side, there is a vast lawn called “Freedom Plaza,” a barbecue area, an athletic field, and “Kaze no Hiroba” for jogging, making it a place where families can enjoy picnicking and exercising together.

Although the plazas are separated by the river, they are conveniently accessible by bridges such as the Momiji Ohashi and Sakura Ohashi. All locations are about a 3-minute walk from Higashi-Oshima Station.

The park is also connected to the jogging course on the Arakawa riverbed, so those who are fit can go jogging across the park.

There are many parks in the neighborhood, including Kameido Chuo Park and the Arakawa riverbed, so you can tour the parks without any difficulty.

Image Credit: Tokyo Navi via archive

Park Name Ojima Komatsugawa Park
Park Address 9 Oshima, Koto-ku, Tokyo; 1 Komatsugawa, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo
Playground equipment Athletic equipment, long slider, slide, ropeway, ladder, net climb
Facilities and equipment Tennis court, baseball field, basketball goal, barbecue area


1310801008_02 1310801008_03 1310801008_04
Athletic playground equipment (Net Climb) Ropeway Long Slider
1310801008_05 1310801008_06 1310801008_07
Athletic equipment (long wall) Athletic playground equipment Athletic equipment (Net Climb)
1310801008_08 1310801008_09 1310801008_10
Roller Slide Ladders Health playground equipment
1310801008_11 1310801008_12 1310801008_13
Tennis court Baseball field Basketball goal
1310801008_14 1310801008_15 1310801008_16
Freedom Plaza Wansaka Square Barbecue square
1310801008_17 1310801008_18 1310801008_19
Wind Square Viewing Hill Seasonal Plaza Sports Square
1310801008_20 1310801008_21 1310801008_22
Sakura Bridge Momiji Bridge Juvenile Athletic Plaza
1310801008_23 1310801008_24 1310801008_25
Tokyo Sky Tree viewed from Oshima Komatsugawa Park Parking lot Park Guide Map

Image Credit: Tokyo Navi via archive

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