Located in Hachioji, Tokyo, Tonoiri Central Park is a park rich in nature where visitors can enjoy walking in the forest along the Katarai Path, Komorebi Path, Nakayoshino Path, and Chirinori Path.

Taking advantage of the park’s topography, long roller slides are also popular among children.

Tonoiri Central Park Hachioji
Tonoiri Central Park Hachioji
Park Name Tonoiri Central Park
(Toto no Iru Chuo Kouen)
Park Address 2428 Tatemachi, Hachioji City, Tokyo
Playground equipment Long roller slide, suspension bridge net, climbing tree, combination playground equipment, spring playground equipment, swings, panel playground equipment
Facilities and equipment Tennis court
Long roller slide Suspension bridge net Climbing tree
Combination playground equipment Panel playground equipment Spring playground equipment
Rest Area Cataract Path Tennis court
Grass square View of the park Parking lot
Drinking water vending machine Park Signs Park Information Map

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