River Pier Azumabashi is the collective name for a group of buildings including the Asahi Beer Azumabashi Headquarters Building (Asahi Beer Tower), Super Dry Hall, Asahi Beer Annex and Riverpia Azumabashi Life Tower.

River Pier Azumabashi Sumida river
River Pier Azumabashi Sumida river

It is a landmark along the Sumida River and a popular photo spot.

Here you can see the Asahi Super Dry Hall with its famous giant golden flame monument, which locals have, perhaps more accurately nicknamed, “The golden turd”.

the Asahi Beer Annex with its cafes and restaurants are famous not only as a group of buildings, but also as individual tourist spots.

The Tokyo Skytree is also visible from Asakusa, making it an even more popular photo spot for many visitors.


nameRiver Pier Azumabashi
(Riverpia Azumabashi)
business holidaywithout a holiday
Location1-23-1 Azumabashi, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
telephone number03-5608-5111(Representative)


Ginza Line,Toei Asakusa Line,Tobu Isezaki Line, about 5 minutes walk from Asakusa Station.


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