Rokuku Broadway in Asakusa is a 300-meter-long shopping street connecting Sushiya-dori and Hisago-dori.

The street has been known as Asakusa Rukku since the Meiji era, and has developed as an entertainment district with a high concentration of movie theaters and entertainment halls including Asakusa Engei Hall.

It flourished as the birthplace of various cultures and gave birth to the careers of many performers, entertainers and literary figures.

It was given the moniker “Broadway” after the iconic Broadway in New York City.

Asakusa Rokku Broadway
Asakusa Rokku Broadway in the evening


nameAsakusa Rokku Broadway
residence2 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo


8 minutes on foot from Asakusa Station (Exit 1 for Tokyo Metro) on the Ginza Line,Toei Asakusa Line and Tobu Isezaki Line
1 minute walk from Tsukuba Express Asakusa Station

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