Akirudai Park

Akirudai Park in Akiruno City, Tokyo, is located almost in the center of the Akirudai Plateau, which stretches between the Akigawa and Hirai Rivers, and is blessed with a natural environment. The park has an all-weather track and field facility, a jogging course, a children’s playground, a trim square, a grass square, and a jabu-jabu pond.

Akiruno Plaza

Akiruno Hiroba in Akiruno City, Tokyo, is located just outside the north exit of Akikawa Station on the Itsukaichi Line, and has a fountain plaza and a basketball court. Akiruno Lupia” and “Akiruno Tokyu”, industrial and cultural complexes, surround the plaza.

Akigawabashi River Park

Akigawabashi River Park in Akiruno City, Tokyo, is located at the entrance to the Akigawa Valley, where visitors can enjoy barbecues while playing in the river and feeling nature on the spacious riverbed. The parking lot is large enough to hold about 400 spaces. Access by train is about a 5-minute walk from JR Musashi Itsukaichi Station.

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