Here’s a list of the outdoor Basketball Courts In Central Tokyo Chuo Ward. The condition of the goals and courts, as well as the surrounding facilities, are shown mainly in photos.


Hamacho Park

The basketball court at Hamacho Park in Chuo-ku, Tokyo, has one basketball goal set up in the area beside the ward-run Hamacho Sports Ground. The court surface is not very large, and the surrounding area is rough and stony, so care should be taken.

Echizen-dori Children’s Park

The basketball facility at Echizen-dori Children’s Park is a netted catch-all area with two basketball goals set up for mini-games and other games. The facility is free of charge, but children are often playing catch or soccer, so please be careful when using the facility.

Tsukijigawa Park

The basketball court at Tsukijigawa Park in Chuo-ku, Tokyo, has three basketball courts, one large and one small, located separately from each other, and one of them is equipped with a half court for 3-on-3 games.
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Tsukishima Daiichi Children’s Park

Tsukishima No. 1 Children’s Park is equipped with playground equipment for children, stretching equipment for adults, and a health path for foot massage. In addition, there is a fenced-in catch-all field with two basketball goals, where children can enjoy playing catch and basketball.

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