Hanami Spots in Minato Ward


Kyu-Shibarikyu Gardens

The Kyu-Shibarikyu Gardens is an atmospheric spot to view cherry blossoms against the backdrop of monorails and other urban structures, as the garden is located in the city. The garden was created using many famous stones, and you can feel the weight of history in the calculated beauty of the cherry blossoms when they are incorporated into the heroic masonry.


Shiba Park

Designated in 1876 in Minato Ward, Shiba Park is one of the oldest parks in Japan along with Ueno, Asakusa, Fukagawa, and Asukayama, where you can enjoy the cherry blossoms even while viewing the Tokyo Tower up close. About 200 cherry trees, including Someiyoshino, Yama-zakura, and Sato-zakura, are planted on top of Maruyama-kofun, which is a forward-rear round burial mound designated as a historic site by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and around the foot and Benten-ike area.


Tokyo Tower

This 333-meter radio tower in Minato Ward, Tokyo, is a well-known tourist attraction and a symbol of Tokyo that everyone knows. Cherry blossom viewing spots in the vicinity are popular for the composition of cherry blossoms with Tokyo Tower in the background, and are often photographed. While cherry blossom viewing is usually done by looking up at the cherry blossoms, Tokyo Tower is one of the few spots where you can look down and see the cherry blossoms from a vantage point.



Zojoji Temple

Zojoji Temple is one of the seven head temples of the Jodo sect of Buddhism, located on the east side of Shiba Park in Minato-ku, near Tokyo Tower, and is known as the family temple of the Tokugawa family. The temple is known as the family temple of the Tokugawa family. After passing through the Sankaimon (three gates), the entrance to the temple, you will be rewarded with a magnificent view of the main hall and Tokyo Tower behind it, set against a background of weeping cherry blossoms.



ARK Hills

Since its completion in 1986 in Minato Ward, ARK Hills, a 24-hour complex that has responded to the age of globalization and information technology, has represented the business district of the 21st century, and it seems to be a cutting-edge place to enjoy cherry blossoms. Visitors can enjoy a variety of seasonal plants in the seven gardens (yards) of the “ARK Garden” where they can get in touch with nature in the heart of the city.


Tokyo Midtown

Opened in March 2007 in the historic Roppongi district of Minato-ku, Tokyo, Tokyo Midtown is a complex of hotels, cultural facilities, 130 commercial stores, offices, residences, hospitals, parks, and other facilities. Under the concept of “On the green,” 103 cherry trees, mainly Someiyoshino cherry trees, have been planted in this nature-filled neighborhood, which incorporates the concept of a “Japanese garden.


Aoyama Reien

This is a metropolitan cemetery located in Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, one of the most prestigious areas in Tokyo. It is a place where many famous people have been laid to rest and where you can enjoy the cherry blossoms in peace and quiet. The best part of the cemetery is the rows of cherry trees that stretch along the road from north to south.



Roppongi Hills Mori Garden

Opened in 2003 in Roppongi, Minato-ku, this is the largest urban redevelopment project in Japan, which created a new “cultural city center” in Tokyo.


Roppongi Sakura-zaka

Roppongi Hills’ Sakura-zaka cherry blossom hill is lined with approximately 75 cherry trees planted along a quiet 400-meter walkway. The scenery of the rows of cherry trees along the gentle slope is so quiet that you may forget you are in Roppongi, and a variety of plants are also planted at the foot of the cherry trees through the activities of a gardening club.

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