The impressive Oi Futo Central Seaside Park is a marine park managed by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau of Ports and Harbors in Shinagawa and Ota wards.

It is located along the Keihin Canal near Oi Pier, just over the canal from the Oi Racecourse.

The park consists of two blocks across the road: the “Sports Forest” where sports facilities are mainly located, and the “Nagisa Forest” where greenery and waterfront can be enjoyed.

The Sports Forest has some of the best facilities in Tokyo, including a 400-meter-long, eight-course Class III certified track and field, six softball fields, and tennis courts.

There are also open spaces such as Sakura Plaza, a cherry blossom viewing spot, and the “Seseragi no Mori” (small stream forest) where you can observe insects.

Nagisa-no-mori is a forest and tidal flat with facilities for forest bathing, bird watching, rock fishing, barbeques, and other activities in nature. Both parks can be enjoyed by families and serious sports enthusiasts alike.

Various sightseeing spots are located nearby, including Oi Racecourse, Shinagawa Aquarium, Wild Bird Park, and Heiwajima Park.

Image Credit: Tokyo Navi via archive

Park Name Oi Futo Central Seaside Park
Park Address 4-1-19 Yashio, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Facilities and equipment Baseball field, tennis court, soccer field, track and field, dog run, jogging course, barbecue area, fishing area
1310901001_02-2 1310901001_03 1310901001_04
Baseball field Soccer field Tennis court
1310901001_05 1310901001_06 1310901001_07
Multipurpose sports ground (soccer, rugby, etc.) Sunset Nagisa Rest area in the park
1310901001_08 1310901001_09 1310901001_10
Nagisa Forest Management Office Observation wall Oi Sports Center
1310901001_11 1310901001_12 1310901001_13
Lawn square Park Sign Park guide map
1310901001_14 1310901001_15 1310901001_16
Seseragi Forest Barbecue free area Nagisa Forest

Image Credit: Tokyo Navi via archive

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