This is a large park located in the Tama Hills almost directly north of Machida Station in Machida City. It has a full range of sports facilities in a rich natural setting.

There is Machida City’s only track and field stadium with an all-weather track built to the same specifications as the National Stadium, and it is also the home of the FC Machida Zelvia soccer team.

It is also home to FC Machida Zelvia, a soccer team. It can also be called an athletic park with the most extensive sports facilities in the city, including a baseball field and tennis courts.

The park also coexists with a nature-rich satoyama, where visitors can stroll and picnic in Komorebi-no-Ro and Mizuki Hiroba.

There are also historical and cultural facilities such as the birthplace of Tsuneemon Murano, and the well-maintained lawn and rose garden will allow you to enjoy the vivid scenery of the plants.

Nearby is Oyamada Ryokuchi, where you can also enjoy the nature of Musashino, and Tama New Center is located to the north.

Park Name Notsuda Park
Park Address 31 Onoji-cho, Machida City, Tokyo
Playground equipment Spring playground equipment, combination playground equipment, spring playground equipment
Facilities and equipment
Combination Playground Equipment Ropeway Spring Playground Equipment
Wooden spring playground equipment Athletic field Athletic field exterior
Tennis Wall Hitting Tennis court Soccer field
West Forest Walking Path Observation plaza Bargola
Rendering (Stadium field) Rendering (Stadium exterior) Park Guide Map

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