Serigaya Park in Machida City, Tokyo, is home to the Museum of Graphic Arts, and the park is also decorated with various objects.

The park has a rainbow and water plaza, a multipurpose plaza, an adventure plaza, a lawn, etc.

Serigaya Park Machida Tokyo
Serigaya Park Machida Tokyo

The park is rich in nature, especially the water playground facilities such as the Arch Fountain and the rainbow and water plaza.

Serigaya Park Machida Tokyo
Serigaya Park Machida Tokyo
Park Name Serigaya Park
Park Address 5-1679 Haramachida, Machida City, Tokyo
Playground equipment Ropeway, swings, spring playground equipment
Facilities Water playground, International Print Museum
Ropeway (Adventure Plaza) Swing set (Adventure Plaza) Spring playground equipment (Adventure Plaza)
Log balance beam (Adventure Plaza) Objects in the park (Tokiokoshi) Objects in the park
Water playground 1 (Arch Fountain) Water playground 2 (Rainbow and Water Plaza) Water playground 3
International Museum of Graphic Arts Park paths where visitors can enjoy forest bathing Park Guide Map

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